We help media and entertainment clients engage customers and build long-term relationships, increase revenues and reduce operation costs.

Newspapers, magazines and pay TV have been in the subscription economy for decades. With massive free content distribution platforms and everchanging customer habits, media players need to develop sustainable paid content strategies and learn how to operate at lower cost at higher efficiency.

We help clients define their paid content strategy, structure their portfolio offerings, elaborate pricing agility, deliver new customer experiences and maximize revenues for the costs they engage in acquiring, managing and retaining their customers.

What we do:

  • Define paid content strategy and related editorial governance
  • Explore portfolios to identify growth opportunities through a proprietary AI-driven service (HyperCube)
  • Set quantitative target and specific KPIs: MRR, ARR, SAC, SMC, SRC, ARPU, churn, etc.
  • Build dynamic CPQ ability (configure, price, quote), to market customized usage-based offers and streamline promotion rules at any touchpoint
  • Develop targeting and marketing campaign efficiency
  • Build up organizational model (including new roles and skills)
  • Transform CRM, order management, billing, data management systems
  • Facilitate implementation

We leverage our experience and knowledge from numerous successful projects in B2B and B2C players in the media value chain.

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