In today’s business landscape, sustainability has become non-negotiable. Businesses all over the world are facing pollution reduction legislation (e.g., CSRD), high energy prices and resource scarcity.

Efficient use of resources and reducing emissions are not only an ethical choice, but a strategic necessity. From this perspective efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand. Finding the right balance between compliance, ethics, cost reduction and innovation will lead to resilience and enduring success.

Lean for Green approach

Lean methods are effective in streamlining processes, eliminating waste, increasing employee involvement and enhancing overall operational efficiency. This management philosophy has found widespread application across various industries and activities, ranging from traditional manufacturing to service-oriented segments.

A big part of sustainability activities is focused on the operations of organizations and sustainability should not be seen as a stand-alone topic. That is why BearingPoint has broadened the scope of Lean by utilizing proven tools and techniques for sustainability purposes. Lean for Green is an approach that identifies pollution and environmental waste as an additional waste within processes that should be minimalized. It encourages companies to take concrete actions to reduce their environmental impact while simultaneously improving operational efficiency. 


Lean for Green is applicable in a broad range of segments, everywhere efficiency and sustainability are relevant. A good example is the logistics sector, an industry involved in the movement of goods and materials that is playing a significant role in global supply chains. Some examples are:

  • Freight and logistics: trucking, shipping and courier companies can optimize operations and reduce emissions
  • Retail and distribution: optimize supply chains, improve transportation efficiency and reduce carbon footprint in product distribution
  • Manufacturing: optimize usage of raw materials, reduce machinery energy consumption and refurbish defective products
  • Food and beverage: reduce waste, optimize transport routes and implement sustainable packaging
  • E-commerce: optimize last-mile delivery, improve packaging efficiency and explore eco-friendly delivery options in online retail

Use cases

BearingPoint has successfully partnered with several clients, improving operational efficiency and reducing environmental waste. With our expertise in OpEx, sustainability and transformations, we have successfully supported many clients.

Example use cases: 

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