Kiumars Hamidian

Kiumars Hamidian

Managing Partner

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Sustainability is a fundamental responsibility, to which we as a Partnership are fully committed, and it is our duty as a firm to take action. I’m pleased to share with you some of our accomplishments on our journey towards a sustainable and diverse future. Not only because we are proud of what we have achieved so far, but also to serve as an inspiration and motivation for further, even stronger ambitions. We are making progress together and are moving ‘towards better.’

Kiumars Hamidian

Sustainability goals

For the year 2025

In 2020, we defined a set of ambitious sustainability goals that we aim to make a reality by 2025. Together, our global team are passionate about achieving these important strategic priorities and thanks to their hard work, we are on track to accomplish each one.

  • Sustainable Ways of Working

    Sustainable Ways of Working

    We are committed to all projects being sustainably delivered through ‘sustainability by design’.

  • Female Acceleration

    Female Acceleration

    A framework has been put in place to increase female representation across all levels, with leadership positions being a priority.

  • Emissions Zero

    Emission Zero

    We have a set global emissions target goal with each country’s leadership team having designed an emissions reduction roadmap.

  • BearingPoint B Corp

    B Corp

    Globally, we aim to be a B Corp certified company meeting the highest standards of verified performance, accountability and transparency.

Portrait of Axelle Paquer

Axelle Paquer

Sustainability Sponsor Management Committee

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Our achievements and ongoing work for a more sustainable and diverse organization make me very proud and grateful to our people.

We made significant progress and built a foundation for a better future in 2022. Though we recognize the challenges and work ahead of us, we are committed to setting challenging targets and accelerating our impact. Every single step counts – the small ones and the giant leaps.

I'm confident that next year, together, we'll have made more progress towards better.

Axelle Paquer

What can one company do?

Sustainability report

Facts & Figures

Every step, of every size, takes us closer to our sustainability goals. There are no short-cuts, but by collecting and analyzing data we can do better, quicker. The learnings from our annual sustainability report are essential in informing our next steps.

252 Sustainability focused projects delivered
BearingPoint Sustainability Report - Facts and Figures A
50 less emissions as compared to the base line year 2019 *
BearingPoint Sustainability Report - Facts and Figures B
12 Pro bono projects with firmwide budget
BearingPoint Sustainability Report - Facts and Figures C
42 Female new hires
*We are currently adapting our goals and will be submitting these to the Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi) in October 2023. We have internally consulted with iCare and come to the conclusion that while our goal was ambitious, it was not differentiated enough concerning the emission scopes and our ability to impact our overall carbon footprint. The targets that will be submitted to the SBTi will include scope-specific targets and consider green growth as well as a dedicated action plan on how to realistically achieve our goals.
Quantitative update

What can one company do?

Well, a lot. We are committed on making positive differences to our people, society and the planet. To achieve this, we have focused on three key areas. The first is ‘People Data’, which takes a people-centric approach, uniting teams so colleagues grow and make a real difference. The next is ‘People in Society’ where we help communities on a local and international level, by giving our time in the form of pro-bono work to supporting charities and good causes. Finally, we have ‘More for Our Planet’ which sees us champion sustainability and work to reduce our impact on climate change.

  • Gender equality strategy for CDC Tunisia

    Gender equality strategy for CDC Tunisia

    We helped CDC to implement its gender policy by designing its gender strategy and integrating it in its investment process. The objective of the strategy is to support women’s economic empowerment in Tunisia through enhanced access to services, infrastructure, employment, management positions, and financing. CDC investment officers have been made aware of and trained in the new tools.

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  • Supporting people with disabilities with Test´in

    Supporting people with disabilities with Test´in

    Together with APF France handicap, a nonprofit organization that works to improve the lives of people with disabilities, we launched the Test’In Program, which aims to provide support and assistance to people with disabilities currently unemployed or looking to join the workforce. The program offers an excellent opportunity for participants to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to secure employment in a regular working environment.

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  • Firmwide donation and campaign to support the people in Ukraine

    Firmwide donation and campaign to support the people in Ukraine

    We are proud to have launched a number of initiatives supporting the Ukrainian people. These include raising money, renting office space for refugees, packing donations, and our Ukrainian and Russian speaking colleagues volunteering as translators.

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  • Business and transformation processes for Schule im Aufbruch

    Business and transformation processes for Schule im Aufbruch

    Schule im Aufbruch GmbH (SiA) is a non-profit initiative promoting holistic and transformative education. We are pleased to have been able to advise SiA in several virtual workshops as part of a pro bono project in defining the business and transformation processes for the “products” of membership, an annual flat rate, interventions, and standardizing the most relevant processes.

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  • Remaking an Elementary School in Turin

    Remaking an elementary school in Turin

    Colleagues from our Milan and Turin offices rolled up their sleeves and built a sensory garden for kids at an elementary school in Turin. Since the number of people participating in the project exceeded the initial expectations for help – we took care of the whole garden area and repainted the external wall of the school.

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  • Comprehensive data analysis for PLAN International Sweden

    Comprehensive data analysis for PLAN International Sweden

    Plan International Sweden is part of a global children’s rights organization. By performing comprehensive data analysis, we supported them in better understanding their current revenue streams and defining new ways to attract sponsors.

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  • Global Climate Fresk movement at BearingPoint

    Global Climate Fresk movement at BearingPoint

    To increase team awareness of climate change and how we can play our part in reducing the problem, we hosted Climate Fresk workshops which taught the fundamental science behind climate issues and encouraged and empowered participants to take action.

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  • Enhancing Circular Economy for the Automotive Aftermarket at Encory

    Enhancing circular economy for the automotive aftermarket at Encory

    Founded by BMW and Interzero, Encory has established itself as a highly profitable circular solution provider. Serving as a sparring partner and trusted advisor, we have accompanied Encory in establishing its presence in the circular economy market since the joint venture commencement, including strategic consulting as well as the operational execution of circular business models across Europe and China.

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  • Sustainability strategy at METRO France

    Sustainability strategy at METRO France

    We supported METRO France to go one step further with its sustainable strategy by helping the business define a clear and meaningful purpose. The company now has a meaningful goal that paves the way for becoming a corporate social responsibility leader while supporting its economic growth ambitions.

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  • Plastic free bingo challenge in Romanian offices

    Plastic free bingo challenge in Romanian offices

    July was our plastic-free month, which included raising awareness of our excessive plastic consumption and reducing its use with our Plastic Free Bingo Challenge awarding plastic-free prizes for completing challenges.

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