Uncertainty is, unfortunately, the new normal. We want to work together with you to build resilience, adapt quickly, and make informed decisions to deliver exceptional results. And that’s why we’re delighted to invite you to attend an event of the BearingPoint Innovation Circle.

In this unique, two-hour interactive experience, you’ll combine local conversations with your BearingPoint team with interactive, global elements involving everyone taking part – providing you with ideas and inspiration, but in a way that keeps things relevant to you and your challenges.

Locally at your office or ours: It’ll provide a framework to explore your challenges and how we can help you with them.

Globally on the interactive webcast: It’ll provide a unique chance to see how your peers at other organisations react, as we ‘pitch’ solutions we’ve developed to you across the world, and you all vote and share your thoughts on them in real-time.

The pitches you’ll see are inventive but pragmatic solutions to real client challenges, grouped in three areas:

  • Using DATA to improve top and bottom lines by optimizing footprint and actively controlling and measuring the quality
  • Addressing SUSTAINABILITY raising expectations from consumers and shareholders by starting carbon accounting and by shaping your sustainability roadmap
  • Enabling PEOPLE to support change, improve performances and unlock their potential

It’s a great opportunity for us to accelerate your innovation journey, bringing the power of our experts and platforms to you, and providing you with the opportunity to influence what we do next.

Please get in touch with your BearingPoint team to make arrangements – we very much look forward to your involvement and participation at this meeting of the BearingPoint Innovation Circle.

Tuesday, 14th June
16:00 – 18:15 CET