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Is your CSRD Data & Technology approach future-ready?

BearingPoint invites you to our next European-wide webinar:

With the CSRD directive coming into place, European companies are expected to carry out a more in-depth assessment of their impact on environmental, social, and governance factors, necessitating a robust data strategy and technological involvement.

The core challenge when it comes to CSRD reporting is effectively incorporating and guaranteeing the accuracy of high-quality data throughout various business operations. This encompasses everything from operational metrics to financial sustainability reporting. It is essential for organizations to not only collect, handle and store an extensive range of data, but also to ensure that this information can withstand rigorous audits and adhere to digital reporting formats.

Our BearingPoint experts Simone Schimmion, Heta Hartikainen and Robert Sweeney will share their experiences and insights on the various challenges and best practices for navigating the technological complexities of CSRD compliance:
  • What are the the key pitfalls for data and technology with CSRD Reporting, e.g.

         > How to select the right sustainability reporting technology solution

         > Approaches to finance & sustainability data integration

         > Common pitfalls & lessons learned from using data and technology for non financial reporting

         > Ensuring auditability incl. controls

         > How to be XBRL reporting ready

  • How do you ensure you have the right approach to sustainability data management?
  • How to select the right technology solution?

The discussion will dive-deep into these challenges, equipping you with the knowledge to streamline your approach. Our expert speakers will guide you through the complexities of effective data quality management, integration of sustainability reporting into the management report, and the strategic selection of technology solutions that are robust and flexible enough to meet current and future demands.

Join us to transform these challenges into strategic advantages for your organisation !

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