The customer is at the focus of entrepreneurial behaviour. And with their digital products and services, the development of positive customer experiences is an essential component of a successful competitive strategy for our customers in the telecommunications, media and entertainment industries.

Excellent customer experiences are created through connectivity at various technical and organizational levels. We plan, design and implement IT solutions based on digital platforms that enable the needed digital connectivity to create digital products and services with positive customer experiences.

We offer solutions such as:

  • Order-to-cash solutions for private and business customers
  • Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions for complex offers and product bundles
  • Catalog management
  • Management, provisioning and activation of fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) and unified communication and collaboration (UCC) products
  • Inventory management of contracts and composite products, e.g., locations, workstations and devices
  • Partner management for mapping retail and wholesale relationships within a digital ecosystem
  • Platforms for implementing IoT use cases and connected experiences
  • Field service support

We accompany our customers through all phases, from planning to implementing and commissioning these solutions.


Modular, cloud-based, and open digital platforms are prerequisites and success factors for technical connectivity.

Our planning follows the paradigm of modular, cloud-based, and open digital platforms. This architectural approach addresses frequently encountered framework conditions and target criteria:

  • Connectivity through integration
  • Agile processes and phased implementation scenarios
  • Flexibility for implementing new requirements
  • Best-of-breed: the best solution and the best product for the respective purpose
  • Scaling and investment protection
  • Minimization of dependencies
  • Innovation potential


When designing our IT solutions, we focus on the user, meaning that the purpose of the solution and its essential requirements result from the user’s needs and tasks. The design must include the user’s expectations, knowledge and experience.

User journeys model the necessary interaction steps (touchpoints), and we evaluate them according to various criteria. Here we use multiple methods and techniques such as design thinking.

Opposite this, there are the business processes and data to build these user experiences. The partly very complex structures and rules must not be reflected in the interaction steps of the user journey. Rather, it is important to find a design with intelligent solutions that overlay understandable and straightforward user interactions on top of these complex structures and rules.


We combine the best software components (best of breed) from our partners to create customized solutions.

We implement the solutions designed by us to the “turnkey handover” and support the transfer into regular operation. In doing so, we orchestrate various participants and the development processes of the individual components. Our range of services includes all integration services:

  • Control and synchronization of various development, test and deployment processes
  • Management and prioritization of backlog items, including backlog grooming together with the Scrum teams
  • Implementation and control of the refinement meetings
  • Configuration of our partners’ solutions
  • Customizing of software components
  • Development services for the implementation of individual components, e.g., in the form of microservices, to realize interfaces between the partner solutions and to provide additional capabilities
  • Design and implementation of mainly automated end-to-end tests

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