Esperi Care Ltd.

Client Business Challenges

In Spring 2010 the funds managed by the private equity company CapMan Plc. together with the acting management acquired Esperi. BearingPoint supported CapMan by undertaking a business due diligence analysis.

The goal of the new owners was to continue Esperi’s growth strategy. The strategic objective was to triple Esperi’s revenue by 2015 while maintaining profitability.

The new owners engaged BearingPoint to define the Esperi’s five year growth strategy.

The new owners wanted to make sure that the means to achieve the objectives were found early and Esperi could concentrate effectively on executing the strategy.

It was critical to determine a clear and robust strategy creating a good basis for effective implementation.

BearingPoint’s Contribution

BearingPoint was engaged to support Esperi’s management define a five year growth strategy for both company- and business unit levels.

The company level strategy included:

  • Business portfolio
  • Organisation, responsibilities and resources
  • Strategic objectives
  • Proforma income statement

In accordance with the company level strategy, Esperi’s business was categorised into three business units: (1) housing services for elderly, (2) housing services for special groups and (3) services provided to the home.

Each business unit growth strategy included:

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Target customers
  • Supply and value proposition
  • Strategic objectives
  • Proforma income statement
  • Identification of acquisition targets
  • Organisation, responsibilities and resources

Key success factors

Critical client expectations for BearingPoint contribution were:

  • Industry knowledge
  • Close co-operation with management
  • Analytical and fact based methods

Client Business Outcomes

Esperi has consistently followed the defined growth strategy. In early 2011 Esperi reinforced its organisation with multiple key recruitments. By the end of 2011 Esperi had achieved increased revenues and executed some 10 acquisitions.