Digital supply chain management with Log360

Digital twin

Log360 represents a one-to-one digital copy of your supply chain. It is based on your operational data and reflects all the particulars of your supply chain. As it is fed by ERP data, it is always up to date, and due to the Big Data approach, you can run simulations and optimizations without setting up simplified models. We use all your data without aggregations to analyze your supply chain.

Classic approaches start by collecting data and modelling specific calculations with an analysis based on the shipment structure or order pattern. These calculations usually include assumptions to reduce complexity. For example, certain products are grouped together to a product group. That was needed in the past because tools could not manage the highly complex data and ran out of capacity. But by doing so, details are overlooked, and the models tend not to represent reality.

Here is where our solution steps in with an innovative approach. We can fully use your data. We do not group it or deduct it, and we do not rebuild reality – we simply use reality.

The digital twin reflects all the steps and legs of your supply chain. Even shippers gain full transparency as network data/business rules are merged with daily transaction data to provide a 1:1 copy of their supply chain - even if they use several different 3PLs.

Our digital twin utilizes the following features:

  • Big Data: Fact based decisions down to product level, per supplier and customer – as no simplification is needed, results are three to four times more accurate
  • Predictive analytics: Compare actuals with planned costs/emissions and provide early warnings for  deviations
  • Supply chain analytics: Analyze your network, shipment structure, order pattern and more to detect  improvement areas and design specific solutions

Digital Twin Log360

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