Network design on the fly

The goal of strategic supply chain network optimization is to satisfy customer demand while minimizing costs, thereby increasing profit. With LogCOST you can directly process your ERP data. Our end-to-end approach for holistic network optimization includes the following pillars:

Business development and expansion in new markets

  • Market potential and evaluation of market position
  • Quantification of potential
  • Identification of costs to market

Cost reduction

  • Optimal place and number of locations and network layers
  • Reduction of transport and storage costs

Capacity planning

  • Consideration of capacities within the logistics network
  • Identification of future bottlenecks
  • Development of actions for capacity extensions

Ecology and green supply chain

  • Optimal modal split
  • Quantified tradeoff between CO2, costs and service levels

Within the analysis of your processes and structures, all the quantitative, as well as the qualitative data of your network, are captured and processed. This includes current and future planned capacity and shipment data, transport modal splits, stock levels, and other cost structures.

Our supply chain visibility   tool visualizes your global logistics network including inbound, intercompany and outbound flows:

Network planning

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