« Mobile Apps » : tracking in-store and out-store

68%* of the French consumers are ready to receive some personalized vouchers or special offers when they are in store. While mobile phone is likely to become the device number one for Internet communication, retailers and also industrials are looking forward to remain connected with their customers and to offer the right interaction level with them.

Mobile apps offer the opportunities to interact with customers and to learn from them in and out of store. Which mobile apps to develop and for whom?

As mobile usages are just drastically different than sedentary / desktop usages, it shouldn’t be considered as mobile websites but rather as fully service-oriented tools.

It can offer less functionalities, but the challenge will be to drive them better and more oriented.

A best-in-class mobile apps experience would include:

  • What are the possible mobile usages, and which potential benefits do they entail? Which features to offer? For which clients?
  • Which in-app activities should be monitored to enhance the overall user experience? Which data can be collected and analyzed? How is this process managed?
  • How can the clients be tracked outside the store without becoming intrusive? Is the right balance ever attainable?

This newsletter will give you more insights on what benefit the brand could receive:

  • How to track customers in and out of store?
  • How to develop the mobile channel and increase sales?
  • How to increase autonomy and efficiency in-store?
  • How to enrich customer experience?

* Source : IFOP survey from 2015

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