A guide to sustainable cloud computing

May 2022

Scalability, security and cost-effectiveness make cloud computing essential for today’s businesses, and green cloud solutions can reduce carbon emissions, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Government regulations and the environmental awareness of customers are driving businesses to rethink their branding and carbon emissions. So how can companies tackle the transformation toward green cloud computing?

Cloud solutions are a big step forward in many ways. Compared to traditional on-site IT infrastructures, moving office applications to the cloud has great energy-saving potential. In addition, cloud services allow companies more scope for flexible adjustments to future regulations and customer requirements.

Green cloud computing combines cloud computing with the goal of reducing its impact on the environment. Sustainable cloud computing considers the whole lifecycle, from design and production to usage. Multiple factors add to sustainability, particularly the saving of resources and energy to reduce the carbon footprint.

This white paper provides an overview of the key drivers of sustainable cloud computing. It also addresses how the energy consumption of cloud systems can be determined and which method is used to measure the environmental impact of cloud systems quantitatively. It concludes with an overview of what providers and consumers can do to make cloud computing more environmentally friendly.

The complete paper is available in the download area. We hope you enjoy reading it!

  • Whitepaper: Sustainable cloud data centers
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