IT needs a makeover. Business complexity, digitalization, broader technology adoption and increasing expectations have forced a shift in the role of IT.

In the past, CIOs were focused on efficiency – supporting the business with optimal operational performance.

Now CIOs are also expected to advance the business – developing flexible capabilities to increase effectiveness, enabling the business to grow.

And there is an increasing expectation to drive innovation – adopting new technologies to differentiate and digitalize the business. Innovation isn’t optional anymore.

IT excellence is achieved when all three ingredients are maintained in the proper proportions for your organization as business priorities evolve:

  • the right amount of innovation to be competitive in times of digitalization;
  • the right amount of effectiveness to nimbly meet new challenges;
  • the right amount of efficiency so that it’s all sustainable.

Achieving the right ratio requires a business-driven IT strategy and the necessary resources and approach to help you transform the IT organization. A clearly defined target architecture and governance framework are required to keep you on track. You need timely and accurate information to manage your portfolios and monitor the results.

And agility helps you continually readjust the balance for sustainable business advantage.

Together with our start-up ecosystem and strategic alliances with digital leaders including SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Salesforce and Amazon, we help you go digital and to implement the best IT practice.

To enable digital innovation we help you create a sustainable business advantage:

  • Chart the course through IT strategy definition, architecture and business synchronization;
  • Define an end-state ‘To Be’ Enterprise Architecture to execute IT strategy and be prepared for digital adoption of business;
  • Align and integrate your IT organization with your business strategy, manage implementations and prepare the workforce for digitalization of their business;
  • Manage IT transformation and cost through right sourcing, rationalization, new technology and new talents;
  • Measure performance against objectives and achieve the mission through a governance framework;
  • Drive digital business transformation through strategic leadership and adoption of innovative technology solutions (e.g. IT enablement of Fintech, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud, digital platforms, RPA and intelligent automation, mobile commerce);
  • Guide business model reinvention and the creation of new revenue streams such as Data Monetisation;
  • Support leading international companies across the whole transaction lifecycle with a focus on the execution of IT Due Diligence;
  • Rationalize and improve your IT management processes, tools and organization with a service-driven model;
  • Conduct IT readiness assessments to establish the level of IT capability maturity and standardisation;
  • Decrease unnecessary IT costs to free budget for strategic investments and track and control the financial aspects of IT;

BearingPoint has extensive international experience in supporting clients implementing digitalization and creating an environment for growth that is innovative and cost-effective.

We help our clients to develop the right digital and IT strategy and method and then work to enable IT to be ready to keep them competitive in the digital world.

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