What characterizes a typical BearingPoint consultant? 

I look up to my colleagues who are very curious, relatable and intelligent doers! It is truly amazing how fast an idea at BearingPoint can manifest into an impactful result – whether it is about organizing a social event or making sure a client receives innovative and insightful deliverables based on BearingPoint’s total network of competence.

What type of work do you do?

I work very close with my clients and help them achieve incremental change through for example direct process support. I often help structure and formulate their requirements and processes and to breakdown problems and issues they are facing in order to tackle them together, step by step. This ranges from facilitating meetings to analyzing and presenting data so that they can make fact-based decisions. It is the type of work where I can make a real difference at every level of the organization.

How would you summarize your time in BearingPoint? 

Diverse, fun, analytical, highly developing – a taste for more consulting 😊

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