Our client is a large county in Sweden and is responsible for healthcare for over one fifth of Sweden’s population

Client Business Challenges

  • 8,6% of all institutional care patients in Sweden are afflicted with avoidable harm caused by errors in the health care, which equals to a cost of 2,9 BSEK for the client
  • Voluntary error reporting only identifies 10-20% of errors and 90-95% has not caused any harm
  • Our client has established a zero vision to eliminate all avoidable harm to patients and required to establish a objective review process to identify possible harm on all six emergency hospitals
  • A critical requirement was not to introduce additional processes and data requirement for the everyday workflow of medical staff

BearingPoint’s Contribution

  • BearingPoint worked together with SAS Institute to design and develop an automated solution to review medical records of patient in institutional care
  • Implementation of a solution based on the Swedish manual model of Global Trigger Tool (GTT) at one of Europe’s largest hospital with over 100 000 episodes of care each year
  • The project team worked closely together with a group of doctors and nurses to iteratively develop algorithms and text mining to identify triggers in available medical records, measurements etc

Client Business Outcomes

  • Successful implementation of an automated system solution based on GTT with 55 triggers for identifying possible harm
  • Significant time reduction for error identification and freed up 2 FTE
  • Improved identification of possible errors
  • Follow-up functionality of error performance on individual clinic and hospital across county

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