New API standard will drive efficiencies in process implementation, reaping significant cost savings

Amsterdam, May 17, 2016 – Infonova, a subsidiary of BearingPoint, has been a co-sponsor and contributor to TM Forum’s API Project since inception. It is now delighted to announce that it will be progressively transforming the REST APIs within its R6 product to conform with TM Forum’s newly announced API standards. Infonova R6 leverages open and standardized APIs not only for integration, but also as the architectural backbone for its on-boarding, orchestration and monetization processes in service provider and cross-industry ecosystems.

The first APIs compliant with TM Forum’s design guidelines and API specifications will be launched on R6 in July 2016. From Infonova R6 version 8 onwards, this will be followed by a progressive rollout of new APIs with the aim of securing full continuous compliance with the TM Forum APIs in future versions of the platform in 2017. This will provide additional sets of RESTful APIs for typical integration and partnering scenarios.

Infonova wants to be amongst the first vendors to offer the full benefits of the standard APIs to our clients and tenants on service providers’ R6-enabled DEM platforms. Support for consistent API guidelines across the whole industry is key to accelerate the rollout of new businesses and new plays at established carriers.

Andreas Gabriel, SVP Product Management at Infonova


Our work with the many CSPs and vendors in TM Forum has allowed different views and experience to shape the API design and guidelines. Adoption of the new TM Forum API standards will become a key enabler for the platform economy, allowing businesses – large and small – to accelerate collaboration, share in value creation and create ever richer B2B2X offerings for “everything as a service".

Andreas Polz, Infonova CTO and Co-chair of the TM Forum API project


By simplifying and accelerating the on-boarding process, using out-of-the-box TM Forum’s industry standard APIs, this could have a transformational impact on the way services are taken to market. It reduces the entry cost of creating powerful new ecosystems whilst encouraging more sophisticated bundled services to be created. It will be a key driver of innovation and market growth in just about every sector impacted by the platform economy.

Angus Ward, BearingPoint's Partner responsible for Digital Ecosystem Management (DEM)

About Infonova

Infonova, founded in 1989, specializes in providing technology and business-oriented software, solutions and services to telecommunications, media, utility and convergent industries. Encapsulating decades of knowledge, Infonova’s latest BSS, R6 underpins Digital Ecosystem Management Platforms with multi-tenant Concept-to-Cash BSS capabilities at its core. Its unique business architecture supports multiple tenants enabled on a single platform with individual access to the full range of R6 functionality. R6 supports organizations by providing effective business solutions needed for the creation, delivery and monetization of innovative digital services and multi-party ecosystem management. Infonova´s R6 has been implemented for fixed line incumbents, global tier 1 & tier 2 providers, multi-national ICT providers, cable TV, mobile ‘MVNO’ bureau, utilities and content players supporting both industry-specific and cross-industry digital economy business models. Infonova is a subsidiary of BearingPoint.

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BearingPoint consultants understand that the world of business changes constantly and that the resulting complexities demand intelligent and adaptive solutions. Our clients, whether in commercial or financial industries or in government, experience real results when they work with us. The new way for these organisations to grow is to create digital platforms that manage and monetize vibrant ecosystems of consumers, producers and innovators. We call this Digital Ecosystem Management (DEM). We combine industry, operational and technology skills with relevant proprietary assets, including our award winning Infonova R6 software, to create all-in-one DEM tailored solution and services for each client’s individual challenge. This adaptive approach is at the heart of our culture and has led to long-standing relationships with many of the world’s leading companies and organizations. Our global consulting network of 9,700 people serves clients in more than 70 countries and engages with them for measurable results and long-lasting success.

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