Background: Resources are scarce for most nonprofit organizations; there is often a lack of funds, time and expertise to bring forward strategic and change processes. Digitalization is probably one of their biggest challenges, and missing out impedes nonprofits from scaling and reaching out to all the stakeholders.

BearingPoint’s Pro Bono Toolbox helps nonprofits and social start-ups tackle the organizational challenges related to digitalization. The solutions, workshops and designs are based on the expertise that we have developed within our regular consulting projects in the corporate world and in the public sector. We would like to share our expertise and time to make the digital transformation of your organization a success story.

Stage 1 - Awareness: Is my organization ready to take on the digital challenge? Use our self check Cultural Maturity Assessment

Digitalization is not only about digital data and technology: it is also about cultural readiness, what we call Cultural Maturity. To see where your organization is culturally, we designed the Cultural Maturity Assessment (CMA) to assess the preconditions for successfully enabling change within your organization. The CMA is an online tool with a few focused questions. Based on your answers, you receive an individualized assessment that will help you better understand how your organization is doing on core success factors of change: cultural aspects.

Are you curious where your nonprofit or social start-up stands culturally right now? Click here to use the Cultural Maturity Assessment and receive your individualized feedback!

Stage 2 - Clarification: Do you seek clarity as to where to focus digital wise? - Digital Priority Workshops

We have learned that most nonprofits and social start-ups get lost in the plethora of potential linkages that digitalization and datafication offer. Our workshops help nonprofits detect and define their digital priorities.

Digital Priority Workshops last one and half days. Half a day is used for preparation (including short interviews with people from your organization). Then a full day is dedicated to working together with you in our offices to identify digital priorities based on structured interviews and deep dives into your current doing.

We invite all nonprofits and social start-ups to apply for this pro bono consulting. All participants in the workshops use the Cultural Maturity Assessment as a starting point of discussion.

We are about to launch the Pro Bono Toolbox in Fall 2019. Please put your name on our e-mail list to be notified when our workshops are available, here.

PS. The Cultural Maturity Assessment and the Digital Priority Workshops are based on our many years of experience in Digital and Cultural Maturity Assessment at BearingPoint. We are excitedto be able to bring this expertise to the nonprofit sector thanks to the help of Digital & Strategy at BearingPoint.

Stage 3 – Solutions: You know which digital topics require attention and are seeking professional advice, support and structure? Digital Pro Bono Project

You have already defined a digital challenge within your organization and are seeking support to tackle it? Our Pro Bono Toolbox supports you! Is your challenge related to the offerings defined in one of the four streams of pro bono support? Then apply for a pro bono project and a donation of BearingPoint time and expertise by using the application form , which we will launch in fall 2019. Until then, you are invited to send your email address to for updates on our pro bono offerings.

Stage 4 – Exchange: You know that digitalization is not a project but a continuous process? FACILITATED EXCHANGE

Together with Stiftung Bürgermut and other facilitators in the nonprofit sector, we are currently working on a network to enable peer-to-peer exchange and consulting. To be continued …

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