BearingPoint has extensive experience in reengineering business processes and associated IT transformation projects for the world’s leading communications, media and entertainment companies.

Organizational transition is a crucial success factor for process transformation. It requires informing all stakeholders about the aims and objectives of the projects, the changes in functional responsibilities and governance structure, and the measures to be taken during the transition. Our expertise in process and IT transformation includes:

Point of sales performance/distribution network optimization

Our approach covers both a qualitative and quantitative analysis of points of sales performance and distribution network strategy. Quantitative analysis is performed using HyperCube, a big data analysis platform that provides an unbiased analysis of point of sales and distribution network data. Results provide valuable information concerning client profiles, product cannibalization risks, point of sales operational performance triggers which in turn can be used to optimize each point of sales performance.

Redesign of processes (sales, order to bill, delivery, customer services)

For transformation program execution, we take a holistic approach that covers all aspects of the transformation journey, ensuring a smooth transition to new processes and methods of work.

We help building organizational designs of sales, delivery and customer services. Our success stories in process redesign include:

  • Redesigning the sales model, organization and processes on the low- and mid-end B2B market and building the associated action plan for a major international operator
  • Reengineering the quote-to-bill model of a major international telco incumbent targeting MNC, from the identification of commercial opportunities to the first invoice sent to its customers
  • Elaborating the four-year B2B customer service master plan of a major telecom operator by identifying the drivers that will impact customer service activities 

Supply chain optimization

BearingPoint has broad experience in supply chains for telcos, especially in device management, device forecasting and lean optimization. For procurement, we have built some RFP processes and global requirements for telcos (network, device, new services, content, etc.), some with dual vendor strategies and MVNO RFP processes.

IT master plan

We help define IT transformation functional targets and a trajectory in line with business strategies. Targets are defined and validated both by business leaders and IT project directors, ensuring their feasibility and compatibility with business targets and other transformation plans. We also deliver a concrete roadmap of projects and action plans to be implemented.

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