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Encory, a joint venture between BMW Group and Interzero, is a pioneer in the circular economy. As part of the future strategic plan for 2024-2029, Encory aimed to establish a network of partners to enhance its ability to provide innovative solutions and new business opportunities. With BearingPoint as a trusted advisor, the company analyzed all possible options for future strategic partnerships. This analysis facilitated the development of an overall value proposition that adds significant benefits to Encory’s customers.

Our mission to scale our circular business models requires collaboration across stakeholders. BearingPoint provided us with a comprehensive strategy for circular economy partnerships, offering innovative insights and a strong basis for decision-making. This sets the stage for an ecosystem that enables our clients to grow their sustainable value chains.

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Hanno Grosseschmidt, Managing Director at Encory

Meeting the growing needs of the circular economy

The circular economy offers a sustainable alternative by maximizing resource use and minimizing waste, providing significant benefits for all stakeholders. A good example is remanufacturing, a process in which a used product is rebuilt to the specifications of the original product, which results in reaching sustainability and profitability goals through extended lifespan, reduced waste, and lower production costs. Encory is an end-to-end circular solutions provider focusing on developing and operating circular approaches across industries. It continuously assesses products’ economic and environmental potential, with reusing, repairing, remanufacturing, repurposing, and recycling playing a crucial role.

Encory sought new ways to achieve ambitious growth targets in an increasingly competitive market. Circularity is a complex sector that involves multiple functions, including finance, strategy, waste management, production, and logistics. Therefore, the company wanted to establish strategic partnerships to deliver innovative solutions to end customers while using sustainable practices and optimizing costs.

Enabling the advantages of strategic cooperation

As a partner and trusted advisor, BearingPoint supported Encory in establishing its presence in the circular economy by providing strategic consulting and practical implementation of circular business models in Europe. The joint team embarked on an extensive Partnership Strategy project to unlock the power of cooperation. BearingPoint conducted thorough research, including market analysis, stakeholder interviews, innovation workshops, and expert exchanges, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the industry and potential collaboration opportunities. A list of potential partnership ideas aligned with Encory’s existing services and business models was generated based on the collected data.

BearingPoint meticulously evaluated each potential alliance and estimated the possible impact on the company’s growth. Based on the evaluation results, the project team developed a comprehensive roadmap with the necessary steps for successful partnership execution. BearingPoint subsequently designed the Partnership Strategy, identifying suitable partners and the optimal approach for engagement and collaboration.

Leveraging the benefits of the circular economy to accelerate business growth

The results of this project provide Encory with a solid foundation for their decision-making process regarding strategic partnerships. This enables the company to access new markets, technologies, and expertise, thereby expanding opportunities for new revenue streams.

Collaboration is key to staying at the forefront of innovation, allowing Encory to continuously adapt to evolving market demands and emerging trends.


Founded in September 2016, Encory is a joint venture that combines the expertise of BMW Group and Interzero. The company provides comprehensive circular solutions that cover a wide range of services, including sustainable remanufacturing projects, complete reverse supply chain management, and secure recycling of obsolete products, proving that economic efficiency and sustainability are not only compatible but can also jointly drive success.

  • Encory enhances economic circularity and profitability through strategic partnerships
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