The mobility transformation journey towards 2030 is well underway and it will impact every industry and player.  However, each sector will respond to these trends in a radically different way.

In the first of three papers, we examine Mobility 2030: What happens when every journey is a personalized experience?

Where the future is completely personalized across multiple modes with individuals choosing how, what and when to travel, what does this mean for existing sectors, current incumbents and new entrants?

We believe this will change the priorities for all stakeholders in the mobility ecosystem, impact current sectors and players while creating new business models.

The paper outlines five sector views from our industry experts. They reveal key themes that impact stakeholders in every sector in the economy. We focus on the automotive industry, government organizations, insurance companies, transportation & energy suppliers, and fuel providers. But the reality is, all sectors are active actors in the mobility ecosystem. Therefore, how to competitively respond to this new mobility paradigm is high on everyone’s strategic agendas.

  • Destination 2030: where every journey will be personalized
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