In the rapidly evolving market, becoming an augmented organization is not just a strategic objective but a matter of survival. BearingPoint’s study, “AI-driven transformation: Becoming an augmented organization, emphasizes the critical need for businesses to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies to enhance capabilities, improve operational efficiency, and reinvent customer and employee experiences. Based on insights from 700 C-suite executives across Europe, the US, and Asia, the study highlights the urgency and strategic imperatives for transitioning into an augmented organization.

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The Augmented Organization

Four pillars of an augmented organization

Frédéric Gigant, Global Leader Customer & Growth at BearingPoint

AI is a present-day necessity, and the pace of AI innovation and its adoption by competitors and consumers is accelerating. Our study indicates that organizations that fail to integrate AI effectively are at significant risk of falling behind competitors already leveraging AI to enhance productivity, drive innovation, and deliver superior market experiences. Embracing AI is not just about keeping up; it’s about gaining a competitive edge and redefining value propositions. Organizations that understand and act on this now will be the leaders of tomorrow’s market.

Frédéric Gigant, Global Leader Customer & Growth at BearingPoint

Becoming an augmented organization in 30 seconds

  • Strategic imperative: Transitioning to an augmented organization is essential for survival and success.
  • AI governance: Establishing robust governance is crucial for aligning AI initiatives with business strategy.
  • Investment optimization: Prioritizing AI investments strategically to achieve transformative and scalable impact.
  • Workforce empowerment: Adopt an effective and comprehensive approach for the frontline staff to the C-suite to drive AI-led transformation .
  • Building trust: AI integration must address technological, ethical, security and legal challenges.
  • Transitioning into an augmented organization
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