The purpose of this webpage is to set out BearingPoint’s preferences around billing and invoicing so as to encourage smoother and quicker payment of our vendor and subcontractor invoices.

The details below are BearingPoint’s preferences for our vendors and subcontractors. They are not intended to be legally binding, nor are they intended to remove, replace, override or modify any terms and conditions in any contract we have agreed with you. If any details below are inconsistent or conflict with the terms and conditions in our contract with you, then the terms and conditions in our contract shall take precedence and control.

Where and how to send invoices

Invoices should be sent via email to the mailbox Please don’t send invoices to personal BearingPoint email addresses. Each invoice should be sent in its own separate email, in one file. It should be in machine-readable PDF-format with maximum size of 10 MB and not encrypted. Please note that the processing of the email will be mostly automatic, so the text contained in the email message will not be read as part of invoice.

We are also building readiness to receive e-invoices. If you are interested in this option, please let us know what the format of your e-invoices are, and we will contact you when we have this functionality ready.

BearingPoint strongly prefers invoices to be submitted electronically via email. However, and only if specifically required under your contract with us, we will continue to accept invoices physically via mail at the billing address below:

BearingPoint Consulting Pte. Ltd.

31 Pekin Street #03-01
Singapore 048761
GST Reg No: 201603091Z

What information to include on your invoice

In addition to any information specifically required under our contract with you, the following are some details to be displayed on your invoices, depending on whether you are our subcontractor or vendor:

We would like to thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions or other communication, please send them to