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Infonova R6 is an integrated suite that enables operators to manage their portfolio of services, customers and partners. It supports multiple virtual partners (multi-tenant) across the BSS chain, from concept to cash.

Most of the successful players in the digital era have disrupted business models by using a platform-based model. By changing their mindset and vision, they have connected and managed various ecosystems of aggregated actors including buyers, sellers and third-party partners. A company’s IT services need to be up to the challenge of digital transformation.

With its abstraction layer, infonova R6 simplifies the development of new features while reducing operating costs. Infonova R6 makes fixed-line/mobile telephony, broadband internet, cloud, IPTV and xVNO convergence on the same platform a reality. As an agile BSS, Infonova R6 is the solution both the internal needs of telecom operators and for other companies in need of a platform ensuring the orchestration of digital development, and especially the monetization of new services.

Infonova R6 benefits a company’s business model and operations as well as the customer experience:

Business model:

  • Shift from supplying products to offering services
  • Capacity to gather different business models such as B2C and B2B relationships within the same organization
  • Shift from traditional services to cloud services
  • Handle real-time information and adjust services accordingly
  • Adjust from service provider to ecosystem service aggregator


  • Deliver a faster time to market
  • Grasp internal and external cost saving opportunities

Customer experience:

  • Provide the best customer experience while changing users’ behavior and integrating new market trends
  • Reach every customer’s touch points by deploying a multichannel strategy and guaranteeing a customer experience adapted to customer profiles and distribution channels

Infonova R6 has been used by major telecom operators as a convergent BSS as well as an enabler for Digital Ecosystem Management for different industries such as utilities, government, automotive and healthcare.