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  • 09/12/2010

The use of business intelligence and performance management is the focus of many big utility companies, regional suppliers and municipal utilities, demonstrating the continued rising interest in these topics as well. Existing processes for conventional reporting and planning applications are not enough anymore to keep pace with changing information requirements. 

The need of sophisticated BI-systems is rising with increasing globalisation, tougher competition and complex tasks. Today’s information technologies let fragmented information silos look redundant and open new possibilities on the basis of better data quality. 

Business Intelligence and Performance Management thered have gained great strategic importance for energy suppliers independent of their size and market orientation. While KPIs and reporting content were former reserved for executive suits, the trend is going to a broad supply of information within organisations. As such, different information needs along the value-added chain need to be considered. 

To exhaust the use of this information supply for all decision makers, companies are challenged on implementation, support and governance of business intelligence & performance management platforms. 

We invite you to our Roundtable ‘Business Intelligence for Utilities’ on 9 December 2010 at Schloss Hugenpoet close to Essen. After the motto ‘Von der Praxis für die Praxis’ you will get to know about challenges, barriers chances and advantages in lectures form E.ON, Vattenfall and Wien Energie Wienstrom. Take the opportunity to learn more about trends and application from experts and talk with colleagues about the various options to consider. 

We are looking for your participation!