We support our clients in tackling their sustainability challenges by generating and analyzing emissions and consumption data for transformative action plans that they can track.

Our approach to sustainability is built on our industry expertise, a triple bottom line approach, and an opportunity-based mindset based on digital, data, and technology solutions.

  • Kick off sustainability. We support clients in assessing their sustainability maturity across different functions of the organization. Also, we help them identify minimum requirements and opportunities with sustainability performance indicators concerning their customers and people and the overall business to initiate the transformation.
  • Sustainable business strategy and action. We help our clients make sustainability (economic, ecological and social) part of their business logic, from strategic thinking to implementation, from office to plant.
  • Data is key. For status quo transparency, adequate databases and analysis are pivotal. With our BearingPoint Emissions Calculator, we have developed a tool to help you with sustainability data collection (travel, IT, plants) and analyses tailored to industry particularities and (internal) target groups. Beyond a status quo analysis and tracking, users can simulate the effects of planned improvement measures.

Learn more about the power of the BearingPoint Emission Calculator.

  • Holistic value chain approach and traceability. Sustainable thinking and acting do not stop at your door. From spend management to spend impact: source with purpose, mitigate risks, procure beyond savings, drive innovation and circularity. With our holistic value chain approach, we integrate up and downstream logic and ensure compliance, risk management, and optimized material use along procurement, production, sales/delivery and the “r3”-considerations (reduce, reuse, recycle). We collaborate with partners such das ECOVADIS and conduct industry-specific supply chain sustainability assessments.

Do you want to learn more about our Booster Method to optimize production for zero waste? Read this blog article. 

  • Sustainability is a guiding principle for the banking and insurance transformation. Sustainability already affects customer priorities, changes business models, impacts risk management and regulatory obligations. Therefore, financial institutions must adapt fast toward sustainability. BearingPoint helps financial institutions to become sustainability champions by transforming offerings, operations, and the organization.
  • Connect the dots sustainably. We connect sustainability with recent trends and dynamics such as new ways of working, cloud computing and smart technologies and bring these topics together in a holistic approach

With our sustainability consulting services, we accompany our clients on their sustainability journey.


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