With the new EU legislative proposal coming into place, approximately 50,000 companies in the European Union face the challenge of complying with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

As advisors for management and technologies, we know from exchanges with clients and industry leaders the difficulties and complexities that companies face on their CSRD journey to compliance, so we decided to set up our own methodological framework to support the regulatory endeavors.

The common challenges in ESG reporting

The European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) set the basis and guidelines for complying with the new CSRD. While the European Commission continuously refines these guidelines, the complexity of the reporting remains a significant challenge, as non-financial reporting and ESG data collection is new to many businesses. While some companies already incorporate their sustainability progress into annual or sustainability reports, adhering to standards like GRI, many have yet to embark on their ESG reporting journey.

Regardless of their familiarity with the topic, we observe several common challenges that businesses face:

Embark on your CSRD reporting journey with us

As a relatively new topic, our clients need rapidly developed reporting solutions that bring added value. With the knowledge and methodological expertise from our non-financial and financial reporting projects – and our growing CSRD projects – we have set up a bullet-proof CSRD reporting approach to support your reporting journey.

As a leading management and technology consultancy, we are your ideal partner in managing a CSRD program with proficient program management. We drive lasting transformation through comprehensive change management and enhance CSRD reporting by employing advanced data management and tool deployment, ensuring a streamlined process for lasting impact.

We have supported over a dozen clients in solving their CSRD reporting issues, analyzing data gaps, and redesigning the organizational setup as well as the IT infrastructure.

Our methodology connects to existing business strategy priorities and uses CSRD as a transformation tool.

Our methodology is based on six distinguished steps that are key for every CSRD project:

BearingPoint’s modular CSRD advisory framework

Our principles and ways of working differentiate our CSRD approach:

Let's embark together on your CSRD journey to enable compliance and fundamental sustainable transformation.


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