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Stephan Weber
Firm-wide HR Leader

The goal of our leadership development is to further enhance the capability of our leaders in the firm and to accelerate the development of the next generation of leaders. This is critical to our firm’s longterm success. As a result, our firm offers a wide array of learning opportunities at each level to support our people’s career and personal development so that everyone can reach their potential. Our learning strategy, comprising various learning opportunities such as classroom, online, and blended learning, is aligned with our core competencies, values, and the BearingPoint Spirit. It offers an integrated view on what we expect from our people and how we support them in meeting our expectations. This provides us with a common language on learning across the firm.

In 2016, we again expanded our firm-wide training curriculum. In addition to a wide range of regional training programs, we also delivered best-in-class instructor-led training sessions across the firm supplemented by our BearingPoint e-learning platform, which contains more than 4,000 webinars, videos and research papers and more than 12,000 books and journals. Overall, 969 people attended firm-wide training sessions in 2016, which represents an increase of 30.7 percent. In total, over 160,000 training hours were spent on regional and firm-wide training. We are particularly proud that we were able to increase the overall training satisfaction index significantly – by 9.4 percent – from 80.2 to 89.6 percent. All our training programs combine the latest elements of thought leadership and technical learning, with a strong emphasis on the application of key behaviors. The BearingPoint Golden Book – a comprehensive training compilation of all firm-wide and regional behavioral and technical training programs – supports our people in selecting the right training in line with our competency framework.

Our leadership development saw a whole range of updates and additions in 2016. For instance, we revised both concept and content of our onboarding program Be.School with a stronger focus on feedback sessions and development plans. Various measures were implemented to meet the expectations of Generation Y.

We also implemented two new sales training sessions as a result of our Sales Transformation Program, based on the proven methodologies developed by our partner Holden International. They allow for a common approach to sales across the firm and support the development of a sales-driven culture, so we can achieve our 2020 objectives.

For our employees with high-potential, we implemented two development programs helping them to accelerate their development and career progression in the firm. Firstly, the BearingPoint Accelerated Development Program gives candidates the chance to accelerate their progression in the firm by obtaining the skills and experience necessary for more senior roles at an earlier stage in their career. The firm offers enhanced development support so the candidates can take on challenging projects and goals and practice the skills, characteristics, and capabilities required of our future leaders. Secondly, the Partner Candidate Development Program aims at supporting our high-potential future leaders on their journey to Partner promotion. These development programs are complemented by a manager toolkit that consolidates information, tools, and resources to assist and support our leaders in their role of being effective people managers. They play a critical role in helping our people to optimize their performance through ongoing guidance, coaching, and development. Moreover, the toolkit addresses how to organize and plan the managers’ own personal development and further career progression in our firm.

For our Partners, we developed a Partner leadership framework, including a Partner leadership training session offered in cooperation with Said Oxford Business School as well as learning expeditions to Silicon Valley and China. These learning expeditions allow our Partners to dive into various environments and explore radically different thoughts and emotions over the course of several days. The process forces them to go beyond mere content in their learning process and explore context and culture alike, resonating with emotional and visceral dimensions of learning.

Of course, we also continued with programs that worked really well. Some of them are worth highlighting here, such as our flagship training programs in Yale (Yale Management Skills and Yale Leadership Skills). As part of an intellectually stimulating on-campus experience, our employees were taught by some of Yale’s esteemed professors and BearingPoint specialists, learned leading-edge management techniques through classroom lectures and case studies, and received a certificate of completion from one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world.

Finally, there are two training programs we constantly offer to support our leaders in a broader context: our Female Leadership Training and the New Manager Training. The Female Leadership Training for female executives provides entrepreneurial skills to help women achieve goals, balance work responsibilities with other, broader roles, and offers tools for them to gain visibility and secure recognition for achievement. The New Manager Training is mandatory for all our newly promoted managers and offers a comprehensive orientation on the new manager role from a firm-wide perspective and accompanying demands aligned with our core competencies and the BearingPoint Spirit. This training combines a diagnostic and a behavioral training approach comprising core leadership skills, the BearingPoint strategy, and the preparation of a road map for their ongoing personal development as a future leader and mentor to their people. It gives new leaders the chance to build sustainable networks and to share valuable experiences across country borders with their colleagues and peers from across the firm.