BearingPoint is dedicated to providing a safe environment for you to search for jobs within the BearingPoint Group websites. Recently, we have been apprised that unsuspecting job applicants posting their résumés on third parties websites have received unsolicited job opportunities. These job opportunities are fraudulent, as BearingPoint does not ever solicit job seekers via third party websites or to an applicant’s résumé posted online. These fraudulent job offers use BearingPoint logos forged to make it appear as if it came from BearingPoint, and sometimes include variants of a BearingPoint email address or a derivative of the ‘BearingPoint’ corporate identity. Such practices are a violation of BearingPoint ‘Terms of Use’ on our websites with legitimate, internal job postings, and may be a criminal violation of federal and/or state law.

Please consider a few simple security precautions in mind when evaluating job offers from person(s) purporting to be from BearingPoint respecting your postings on any employment websites or for job opportunities that you may receive unsolicited via email.

  • BearingPoint will never ask a job applicant to "process payments" or "transfer funds" or cash a check as part of the employment process
  • BearingPoint would never respond to any job applicant that he or she is the perfect candidate and offering a job, via email, or in a phone or instant messenger interview.
  • BearingPoint will never request a job applicant’s bank account number or other personal information as part of the interview process.

If you think you have been the victim of fraud, immediately report the fraud to your local police and contact BearingPoint via our website at “”.

We also recommend that you file an online report with the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at the following link.


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