French Administration Departments: Defence, Security, Sustainable Development, Interior, Culture:

A Human Resources transformation solution which provided public sector administrative bodies with a detailed, long-term HR roadmap identifying training programmes, employee transfers and all major HR policies in order to align HR practice with emerging requirements.

Client Business Challenges

BearingPoint was appointed to forecast human resources requirements and devise a ‘to be’ HR roadmap for the next 3 to 5 years, based on anticipated competencies, locations and structures, including gap impact analysis.

Client Business Outcomes

  • Overall HR structures and competencies were redesigned and resized in accordance with new client missions and the current financial constraints within the administration centres.
  • The resulting detailed HR roadmaps incorporate planned training programmes, employee transfers, recruitment guidelines, employment structure and functions for more than 150,000 employees, helping to adapt their competencies to public sector workforce needs. 
  • HR policies were re-designed in order to address demographics issues and to drive development of the roadmaps, centrally but also by region, in order to stimulate local transfer within public services.

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