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In June 2018, the Partnership of BearingPoint elected a new Managing Partner to take office in September. Both the current leader and the new one talked about the handover.

Peter Mockler: Almost 100 percent of our Partners voted for you to be their next Managing Partner, Kiu. Once again, congratulations on this great result! I’m convinced that you are the right guy to lead the Firm to the next level. You will be a great leader, and I will support you for as long as you need and want me to.

Kiumars Hamidian: Thank you very much, Peter! I am very honored and proud to be elected by our Partners – and I am ready to take on the role!
But how do you feel about the change?

Peter: I have been the Managing Partner since we successfully executed the management buyout in 2009. You were one of the founding partners, so you know how this marked a fresh start for BearingPoint. When looking back, I think we created a great Firm based on our values and principles. And now, after three terms and nine years in this role, I am glad to hand it over to the next generation of leaders. So, I feel great!
As you know, one of our principles as Partners is stewardship, which means that we must leave the Firm to the next generation in better shape than it was when we started. I’m happy we were able to do that.
Where do you see BearingPoint in today’s marketplace?

Kiumars: I think the Firm has reached a high degree of maturity. We have built a strong foundation over the last nine years. In 2017, we achieved sales growth of 14% – twice as much as the global consulting market! I believe we are on a strong growth path, with a lot of opportunities in the marketplace. When looking at our European clients, in particular, we see a lot of potential to help them become global leaders.
Currently, we clearly have more opportunities than challenges, but what would you suggest we do when times get tough?

Peter: I am convinced that if we stick to our company culture, its values, and its principles, we can master all kind of challenges. As we face an unpredictable future, our corporate culture provides a strong foundation on which decisions can be made.
That said, while we cannot predict the future, we still need to have a sense of direction and prepare for it as good as we can. Where do you see us going?

Kiumars: From a market perspective, I believe it’s important that we focus more on our current setup of clients, that we have a clear key and target account focus, and that we stick with our European clients and don’t try to be everything to everyone. From a portfolio perspective, I strongly believe that we have to increase the value of our services – not only to increase client loyalty but also to become more profitable in what we do.
This value-based approach implies that we engage in more joint ventures with clients. Ventures provide great opportunities for us, as we have both the management know-how and the technological capabilities to make them happen. Finally, there is a big need to expand our portfolio beyond advisory services. We need to develop more of our own IP and provide more managed services so that we can advise our clients on new business models and quickly help to put them into practice. Even in a market that’s hard to predict, these kinds of innovations will differentiate our Firm. They already do so today!

Peter: I am really glad that you are the one who is going to lead Bearing Point for the next few years. I know that you are the right guy. You will be very successful and you will have the support of all the Partners. Now the journey continues. Good luck, Kiu!

Kiumars: Thank you, Peter. I am very much looking forward to my new role, and I think Bearing Point is ready for the future!