A story of growth

In 2022 we saw strong growth for our firm as a whole, as well as for our individual business units. Our revenues increased by 24% to €863 million, and we increased the number of our people by 23%. We delivered 1,603 projects last year, and now have 47 locations in 24 countries, including our new Chicago office in the USA.

863 Total revenue
24 Revenue increase year-on-year
5,253 (Client facing: 4,657) BearingPoint people
23 People increase year-on-year
1,603 Projects delivered
24 Countries with BearingPoint offices
47 BearingPoint offices
24 IP products

Ventures and acquisitions

BearingPoint’s story of success in 2022 has been driven by more than just organic expansion. We’ve completed four critical strategic acquisitions and launched one joint venture that have enhanced our portfolio and strengthened our ability to deliver more for our clients across a range of sectors.

  • I Care

    I Care

    We have integrated I Care, a consultancy firm specializing in sustainable strategy development and environmental transition, within our operations to complement our sustainability offering and enlarge the
    scope for sustainability consulting. I Care’s proven practice and methodology combined with our transformation and digitalization capabilities will allow us to develop compelling new value propositions across the globe.

  • Levo Consultants

    Levo Consultants

    The acquisition of Levo Consultants marks another step in our ambition to support the growth of our banking and insurance clients. It strengthens our strategic focus on one of our primary segments, Banking and Capital Markets. Our ambition is to double the size of the business we generate in these sectors by 2025. 

  • disphere tech

    disphere tech

    Agree&Sign is one of BearingPoint’s newest products: an innovative SaaS platform for digital handling of approval, transaction, and advisory processes. It comes as a direct result of our acquisition of disphere tech, a firm that provides clients in the financial services industry with comprehensive support for the digital transformation of sales.

  • Fekra


    European-based Fekra Digital Services supported companies in the digital transformation of their information systems through the integration of IT solutions, specializing in ERP IFS solutions. In 2022, Arcwide, our joint venture with IFS, completed an official acquisition of Fekra Digital Services. This strategic move will provide Arcwide clients with complete end-to-end services and support the continual growth in demand for IFS software and solutions. 

  • Arcwide


    In 2022, BearingPoint launched our first ever joint venture, Arcwide, in partnership with IFS. The name ‘Arcwide’ means bridging the whole process landscape for clients, and helping them cross to a new solution.

A story of clients

We completed a host of successful projects for clients around the world. From driving innovation to accelerating growth, our services have delivered business value across the board.

  • Leinster Rugby

    Innovating off the pitch: bringing supporters a top-notch experience. Seeking to reward their fans’ longtime loyalty to the team, Leinster Rugby set out on a journey of innovation to completely shift how they interact with their supporters. With BearingPoint’s help, the Club will gain access to a new level of customer engagement, based on accurate, real-time insights.


    Preparing for a green transition of French air transport using three scenarios:
    ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition, has a holistic view of what is needed to decarbonize air transport, with valuable indicators of feasibility and benefits, but also revealing the challenges and risks. They can now harness this information to support French ministries and administrations, as well as various aviation stakeholders in creating effective measures for a green future.

  • METRO France

    Defining a framework to pursue growth in a committed and responsible manner:
    BearingPoint supported METRO France to go one step further with its sustainable strategy, by helping the business to define a clear and meaningful purpose. The company now has a meaningful goal that paves the way for it to become a leader in corporate social responsibility, while supporting its economic growth ambitions.

  • Plan International Sweden

    Identification of effective strategies to increase donations by leveraging data: 
    By performing comprehensive data analysis, BearingPoint supported Plan International Sweden to better understand its current revenue streams and define new ways to attract future sponsors. The NGO is now more empowered to make data-driven decisions regarding its future customer segments, product offerings, and sales channels.

  • KfW and the Finance Ministry of Burkina Faso

    Tracing development funds by using blockchain technology: Burkina Faso’s Ministry of Finance and KfW joined forces to improve the donor funds’ management. With BearingPoint’s help, the two organizations implemented TruBudget, a blockchain-based solution allowing better planning and full transparency of projects.

  • Hg

    Successfully selling tech-enabled MEDIFOX DAN into a unicorn, closing the transaction for $1 billion: BearingPoint Capital assisted Hg with a technology vendor due diligence, demonstrating how the technology setup and organization are key contributors to MEDIFOX DAN’s value proposition.


    Welcoming people and innovation by adopting the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework: In their quest to enhance its portfolio with a broad spectrum of proven standards for customized offerings, SKIDATA engaged in a series of extensive initiatives. BearingPoint leveraged the strategic goal-setting framework, Objectives and Key Results (OKR), to enable SKIDATA to create more customer-centric, flexible, and scalable solutions, and deliver the business strategy. OKRs are supported by the Workpath software platform, empowering SKIDATA with higher transparency, improved cross-country and cross-function collaboration, and a better management of strategic priorities.

  • RGF Staffing

    Blending technology and customer experience to create staffing solutions that are faster, simpler, and closer to all: Recruitment trends change as the markets evolve towards a highly digitalized era. With BearingPoint’s help, RGF Staffing is now ready to address the job seekers’, clients’ and employees’ journeys with a tech-driven and customer-centric approach. 

  • Stadtwerke Ingolstadt

    Getting a 360-degree view of its customers with a new Salesforce CRM solution: By leveraging a new cloud-based CRM, Stadtwerke Ingolstadt gains accurate insights about its customers and sales processes. The solution offers consistent data and analytics, enabling the company to better target prospects, improve support for existing clients, and optimize the overall customer interaction.

  • Hanseatic Bank

    Bringing innovative solutions to market faster by setting up a modern data integration platform: Hanseatic Bank is well positioned for the future by having established a cloud-based, scalable, and flexible IT architecture. The bank can now easily react faster to the changing market demands and develop new products and services effectively. Building on an AWS infrastructure, BearingPoint combined Apache Kafka, an open-source distributed event-streaming platform, and Camuda, a workflow orchestration tool that designs business processes. Consequently, the future operating model has been redesigned to focus on a more decentralized and micro-service approach, to bring products and services to market faster, in an iterative way. 

  • Kao

    Outsmarting the growing demands of e-commerce by automating the return-order process: E-commerce trends induced by the global pandemic took online purchasing to the next level of development. This expansion led to significant changes for all online sales and logistics processes, including an increased need to optimize return-order processes for customers. BearingPoint helped Kao to speed up the creation of return orders, to maintain accurate stock quantities and to improve the restocking process by integrating a robotic process automation solution (RPA) with SAP. This enabled the bridging of potential system breaches by reducing manual input and any related potential human error.

Our business portfolio

Our business units are Consulting, Products and Capital. Organically, they drive growth with more innovation, more people development and better client service. Inorganically, they help us build investment capacity, market attractiveness, and the ability to integrate successfully. They are complemented by Arcwide, our first ever joint venture in conjunction with IFS.


Our historic core unit has continued its impressive trajectory in 2022, providing independent services from strategy to implementation.


Capital manages our investments, joint ventures and potential divestments. It also supports private equity and corporate M&A in Transaction Services.


With the DNA of a software company, Products supports our clients with value-added services built on major cloud platforms.


Arcwide fuses world-leading IFS cloud expertise with BearingPoint’s business consulting excellence to deliver a unique value proposition.

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A story of global presence

After 2022, BearingPoint has a stronger global footprint than ever. We improved and expanded our delivery model, developing our presence particularly in Portugal, India, Romania and the Czech Republic. We cut the ribbon on our Chicago office in 2022, demonstrating our ambition to bring our products and services to the North American market, a market that is key for our continued growth.

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