I support our customers’ digital journeys with strategy and transformation consulting and help drive BearingPoint’s innovative, cloud-based software solutions that address specific industry demands. I have gained profound experience in digital and industrial industry insights and proven business transformation for global companies over my 25-plus-year career.

Being an entrepreneur in a start-up combined with expertise in global strategy, business and transformational consulting that focuses on the industrial industry defines my background.

Elements of experience are global solution (processes and systems) definitions and rollouts with significant work experience in the US, China, Mexico, Korea and Europe – working for companies with headquarters based in Europe and Asia comprising B2B and B2C businesses from R&D, customer and sales, operations and manufacturing, especially project business.

At BearingPoint, we’re creating end-to-end digital solutions – utilizing standard software and bespoke elements – in sales, rental and service portals, product and R&D management, product configuration and project business.

Being responsible for our industrial segment globally, it is critical to understand our customers’ culture, commonalities and best practices, and my international experience helps. Studying and being involved in various software-creation processes, including product development and coding, also helps with our Product business (see our Store).

I am a passionate leader fuelled by the energy of our teams, leading technology and being challenged to find the best differentiating, sustainable solution for our customers – working together in a teaming environment!


  • Partner, BearingPoint GmbH

    2004 – Present
  • Senior Manager, BearingPoint GmbH

  • Manager, KPMG Consulting AG

  • Informatik-Studium, Universität Nürnberg

  • AXIS Internet Services


Experience has taught me that success is 10% strategy and 90% execution, and execution comes from inspiring and motivating teams.

Donald Wachs