As a Partner in BearingPoint’s utilities, postal and transportation segments, and together with my team, I focus on transforming energy system operators’ organizations, processes, and information technology to meet the requirements of the future energy system. Our special dedication is digital innovation, planning, and implementing next-generation, modular, vendor-independent control center systems.

With a background in engineering and computer science and long-grown expertise in energy systems, I had the opportunity to advise clients in developing new processes, tools, and innovative first-of-its-kind solutions to adapt to the challenges of the energy transition, intercompany and market coordination as well as disruptive innovations in the sector. I am fostering knowledge transfer and driving co-innovation within our client communities.



  • Partner, BearingPoint

    Berlin, Germany
  • Consultant to Senior Manager, BearingPoint

    2010 – 2024
    Berlin, Germany
  • Researcher, research project coordinator, assistant lecturer, PhD student, European University Viadrina

    2004 – 2010
    Frankfurt O., Germany

Our mission is to create visionary energy systems capable of continuously adapting to changes over the next decades.

Dr. Ilja Krybus