Amsterdam, November 4, 2021 – Management and technology consultancy BearingPoint shows in its recent client story how it supported Bayerische Versorgungskammer (BVK), the largest pension group under public law in Germany, in designing a new IT governance, bringing its central IT division closer to becoming a strategic partner for all departments.

BVK’s activity involves cross-functional processing of vast data, complying with strict insurance regulations while delivering high-quality services to its members and insured persons. As a result, BVK relies heavily on its IT, internally named “Division IV,” as the central point that connects all business units and helps them cooperate, ensuring timely and proper functioning of systems and applications. As part of its broader vision, with the slogan “IV is the IT enabler for the BVK,” the client needed to reorganize its IT division, switching its activity from a rather reactive-oriented support function to a proactive service able to create new processes and use innovation while achieving synergies with all BVK business units.

BearingPoint supported BVK with a comprehensive analysis of the existing procedures and conducted a series of interviews with the management board and several other areas of the business to collect governance requirements. Together with BVK specialists, BearingPoint then ensured that all business stakeholders were actively engaged and aligned on the IT governance concept scope and objectives. The analysis identified specific functions and roles that IT governance should include, such as IT risks and compliance, IT quality assurance, resource allocation management, and IT architecture.

BearingPoint then designed the future IT governance using COBIT 2019 framework tools. The team coordinated the target maturity level for the IT governance implementation in accordance with COBIT 2019, developed the action plan roadmap, and defined roles and responsibilities for the IT processes. At the same time, the team outlined specific recommendations for project management and communication activities, such as focused agenda topics for meetings and committee structures, escalation conventions and key performance indicators.

Giso Hutschenreiter, Partner at BearingPoint

BVK’s new IT governance will deliver tangible business results where its IT decisions create real value for the whole organization. BVK has now better aligned its business with its IT division, and it is in the right position to create a much bigger return on its IT investments going forward. The project showcased how IT governance can transform an organization and align it to meet its goals.

Giso Hutschenreiter, Partner at BearingPoint

The new IT governance provides BVK with a clear direction on how IT can be reorganized to switch from a mainly support-oriented function to a business enabler.

BVK is currently integrating new roles in its IT structure, such as IT architecture, central demand and test management for comprehensive IT quality management. The new IT governance clearly defines roles and ownership of every task and process, enabling more transparency across the entire organization, objective KPI measurement, and higher service quality. It also describes how the various functions involved in each process should work together, conduct effective meetings, and actively involve all stakeholders, consequently leading to significantly improved productivity and responsiveness of IT teams.

BearingPoint has (co)designed the future IT governance and thus the important guard rails for the IT line-up of the Bayerische Versorgungskammer (BVK). The balanced ratio of standards – such as COBIT2019 – and BearingPoint’s expertise from practical experience created a practical and usable result for BVK.

Robert Notz, Head of Division IV at Bayerische Versorgungskammer

About Bayerische Versorgungskammer

The Bayerische Versorgungskammer is the competence and service center for occupational and communal pension schemes and Germany´s largest pension group under public law. As a public authority of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, it is the joint executive body of twelve liberal professions´ and communal pension schemes. The Bayerische Versorgungskammer covers about 2.4 million insured persons in total, with contributions of € 5.2 billion and about € 3.8 billion pension payments annually. It currently has € 97.2 billion assets under management (market value) and more than 1,420 employees. The Bayerische Versorgungskammer has been a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2011. It became a member of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) in March 2020 and joined the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance in May 2021.

About BearingPoint

BearingPoint is an independent management and technology consultancy with European roots and a global reach. The company operates in three business units. The first unit covers the advisory business with a clear focus on five key areas to drive growth across all regions. The second unit provides IP-driven managed services beyond SaaS and offers business-critical services to its clients, supporting their business success. The third unit provides the software for successful digital transformation. It is also designed to explore innovative business models with clients and partners by driving the financing and development of start-ups and leveraging ecosystems.

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