The management and technology consultancy continues to strengthen its position as an independent, client focused firm

Amsterdam, June 18, 2013 - Management and technology consultancy BearingPoint ( announces the admission of nine new Partners to the firm. Thus, BearingPoint broadens its position as an independent partnership and further strengthens its practice in the fields of Digital Customer Management, Supply Chain Management, Information Management, Public Services Transformation, Mobile Payment, Bank Management, Commodity Management and Telecommunications. The newly appointed Partners are: Sarah-Jayne Williams (United Kingdom), Philippe Chaniot (France), Sylvain Chevallier (France), Frank Hofele (Germany), Karsten Kohl (Switzerland), Andrew Montgomery (Ireland), Andreas Rindler (United Kingdom), Christian Wind (Austria) and Per Yhde (Sweden).

Peter Mockler, Managing Partner at BearingPoint: „With the admission of nine new Partners we further expand our practice for our clients. All of them have reached remarkable success in their fields and for a long time they have applied best thinking to create real client value. Thus, our new Partners are well-prepared to support our clients as trusted advisors, both in case of strategic and operational challenges.“

The new Partners at a glance:

Sarah-Jayne Williams (39) 
Office: London/UK 
With BearingPoint since: 2004 
Expert in: Digital Customer Management 
Education: Bachelor of Modern Languages (1996), Master of Business Management (1999)

Philippe Chaniot (49) 
Office: Paris/France 
With BearingPoint since: 2011 
Expert in: Supply Chain Management 
Education: Degree in IT Engineering (1984)

Sylvain Chevallier (35) 
Office: Paris/France 
With BearingPoint since: 2000 
Expert in: Telecommunications 
Education: Master of Engineering (2000)

Frank Hofele (39) 
Office: Stuttgart/Germany 
With BE since: 2010 
Expert in: Bank Management and Performance Management 
Education: Degree in Business Mathematics (2001)

Karsten Kohl (37) 
Office: Zurich/Switzerland 
With BearingPoint since: 2000 
Expert in: Commodity Management 
Education: Master of Business Administration (1999)

Andrew Montgomery (43) 
Office: Dublin/Ireland 
With BearingPoint since: 1991 
Expert in: Public Services Transformation 
Education: Master of Management Science and Industrial Systems Studies (1991)

Andreas Rindler (35) 
Office: London/UK 
With BearingPoint since: 2006 
Expert in: Information Management and Mobile Payment 
Education: Master of Information Systems Management (2003), Master of Business Administration (2002), Bachelor of Chinese Studies (2002)

Christian Wind (43) 
Office: Graz/Austria 
With BearingPoint since: 1998 
Expert in: Telecommunication Systems 
Education: Master of Business and Economics (1998)

Per Yhde (40) 
Office: Stockholm/Sweden 
With BearingPoint since: 2007 
Expert in: Information Management, especially within Health Care 
Education: Bachelor of Science in System Analysis, Computer Science (1996)

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