• Will your company pass the Sustainability Stress Tests?
  • In Cloud we Trust?
  • Who will be the winners in the mobile payments battle?
  • Seeing beyond the big (data) picture
  • Faster, Higher, Stronger: Government Administrations can sprint too

September 12, 2012 – Research published today by the BearingPoint Institute presents a stark choice to businesses - shape up by 2020 or ship out by 2030.

As game-changing global business trends gather speed, BearingPoint has analysed the most significant five and distilled them into an action plan for leaders. Spanning, business, IT, government and finance, the study provides analysis and a map of the road ahead for corporations who are facing essential structural change in order to keep their competitive edge.

Written by BearingPoint senior partners and third party experts this year’s report asks:

  • Will your company pass the Sustainability Stress Tests?
    6 key lessons on how to embed sustainability and use it to drive growth, based on interviews with leaders of 33 organisations. No longer a bolt-on, how sustainability has become a core element of doing business.
  • In Cloud we Trust?
    Trust is the red line issue when it comes to moving processes into the cloud. From geographical concerns, to data security and even managing operating budgets this paper examines this IT megatrend and details a practical framework to evaluate its risks: the Cloud Trust Pyramid.
  • Who will be the winners in the mobile payments battle?
    With trust in conventional financial institutions at an all time low, the challenge has become how to supersede them. Among the most disruptive idea is mobile payments technology. A space eagerly fought over by banks, telcos and internet players. The customer will decide who wins. We analyse which way they’re going.
  • Seeing beyond the big (data) picture
    Big data is both a curse and a blessing for businesses. It can offer unprecedented insight for faster decisions, but the “3V’s” of Volume, Velocity, Variability pose unprecedented challenges to filter and interpret that mass of information. How do you find the answers you’re looking for when you can no longer rely on the “human filter”? This paper will explain.
  • Faster, Higher, Stronger: Government Administrations can sprint too
    Presenting a new way to produce frequent, quick wins when implementing large Government projects. “Results agility” delivers change via a series of quick sprints within one electoral cycle instead of a long lead-time “big bang” that rarely stays on time, course or budget.

Commenting on the research Eric Falque, Partner at BearingPoint said:

“The second issue of the BearingPoint Institute Report offers a fascinating insight behind the trends making front page news. By taking a look at recurring themes, such as trust and sustainability and analysing them from a business perspective, we are able to move the story on and offer conclusions and understanding which are entirely new to the market.

“The BearingPoint Institute model of partnering our senior consultants with the top external experts in their fields has produced a ground-breaking piece of original research here which no business leader can afford to miss.”

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The report is also available as an iPad app: http://bit.ly/BEIapp

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