Third annual BearingPoint Institute report focuses on innovation and opportunities for business leaders to enhance their organizations

London/Frankfurt, September 12, 2013 – As Europe climbs out of recession, the third BearingPoint Institute report published this September focuses on innovation and the business opportunities it brings. It also looks at the origins of innovation, whether driven by economics, regulators or customers.

The report reveals that nowadays developing countries are often much more innovative than developed post-industrial countries. The combination of the emerging and the established, bringing together the skills and know-how from developed economies with the speed and adaptability of newly advancing nations, can also provide new ways for European businesses to grow.

Readers will also find analysis of the new post-financial crisis banking landscape. As the regulatory grip on banks tightens the report shows that proactive innovation is the path to growth for banks, not squeezing margins.

The report looks further into new market trends: as governments and banks exit the large-scale infrastructure funding sector, BearingPoint Institute authors investigate if institutional investors such as insurers will bridge the funding gap. The writers also explored innovative sector strategies, showing what Europe’s public healthcare systems can learn from private customer relationship management, or how retailers can integrate the best of physical and digital to foster cross-channel success.

Interviews and opinion pieces from top business thinkers give further insights into the practical deployment of innovation: Michel Goutorbe, Deputy General Manager at Crédit Agricole, talks about the success factors, risks and future plans of their new community driven mobile app strategy, the CA Store. Charles Hampden-Turner from THT Consulting explains how business leaders can capture, bottle and measure innovation in their corporations. Brett Goldstein, CIO of the City of Chicago, gives insights on how they used situational awareness, to improve decision making in the city with the help of West Monroe Partners, and Yvon Donval, Partner at BearingPoint China, gives his views on China’s changing role in the global economy and the new opportunities this brings for businesses.

Per Jacobsson, BearingPoint Partner and lead for the BearingPoint Institute, commented on this year’s report:

“Using research, analysis and examples from banking, healthcare, infrastructure and retail, as well as interviews with top business thinkers, this third BearingPoint Institute Report provides insights into innovation and business management unseen elsewhere.

“Now more than ever, Europe’s enterprises need to break out of established ways of thinking in order to make their next giant leap and innovation, both in products and corporate strategy, is the way to deliver this. Our analysts at the Institute think differently. We hope this helps our clients and readers challenge their current situations and see the world differently too.”

You can order the full report on the BearingPoint website: or contact us to discuss individual themes in more detail.

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