Amsterdam, April 21, 2022 – The UK water industry is strictly governed by the clear regulations of Ofwat. Water suppliers must regularly review their operations to ensure high-quality service and affordability while maintaining safe water quality.

In a recent client story, BearingPoint shows how it supported Yorkshire Water in implementing the ActiveManager program, increasing productivity at one of the UK’s biggest water and sewerage services providers by 19 percent over the three-month engagement. Yorkshire Water assists over 5.5 million customers across a large urban and rural area.

Management and technology consultancy BearingPoint helped Yorkshire Water with an extensive Operational Review of its maintenance planning and scheduling function. The review pinpointed critical challenges to address across the maintenance strategy, the front-line operation, the back-office teams, and supply chain and logistics activities. Following this, BearingPoint leveraged the ActiveManager program, a manager-led business transformation methodology and program developed by BearingPoint leadership and its development team. A twelve-week preparation phase covered a thorough review, redesign, and rollout of a new interim operating model that allocated dedicated engineers to proactive and reactive service teams.

In the second phase, the ActiveManager platform was tailored to the requirements of Yorkshire Water, and dedicated coaches were assigned to guide and support the first-line managers to deliver the behavioral and business performance targets. The managers were upskilled in using new tools and techniques to run more effective meetings and identify and address efficiency challenges.

Tony Farnfield, Partner at BearingPoint

We are delighted to have worked successfully with Yorkshire Water to achieve their safety, quality, and productivity targets at a time where there is such pressure on water companies to drive efficiencies within the AMP. ActiveManager has provided clarity around performance expectations and the supporting management behaviors. This has driven true accountability and enabled performance to accelerate.

Tony Farnfield, Partner at BearingPoint

The ActiveManager program helped us achieve greater productivity and fast, which we needed to meet our business goals. The program actually exceeded the benefits case. However, it did this in a way that upskilled our people, improved how we worked together, and made sure that safety and quality were always the first priority. It has changed how we work for the better.

Adam Ashman, Head of Engineering and Maintenance Services at Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water now has more cost-efficient operations. It has improved its field engineers’ service effectiveness by optimizing third-party contracted engagements and realizing this newly created capacity as savings. The operation also recorded a 20 percent uplift in completing point of work risk assessments and the largest volume of senior leader safety and quality audits.

Yorkshire Water now benefits from the sustainability of Active Manager delivering even higher performance after the program completion.

About Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water are the people trusted to take care of Yorkshire’s most valuable natural resource. Their work means much more than just supplying clean drinking water, taking away wastewater and looking after the region’s coast and countryside. They’re an integral part of Yorkshire life and millions of people who live and work here rely upon us, every single day.

They look after communities, protect the environment and plan ahead to look after Yorkshire’s water, today, tomorrow, always. 24/7, 365, they provide essential water and wastewater services to every corner of the Yorkshire region and play a key role in the region’s health, wellbeing and prosperity. That means over 5 million customers, and the millions of people who visit Yorkshire each year rely on them, every day. 140,000 businesses also depend upon the water they supply and the wastewater they take away to provide goods and services that support the economy – not only in Yorkshire, but across the United Kingdom and beyond.

About BearingPoint

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