About the webinar

Non-profits are per se purpose driven organization. They aim to create positive impact. Yet, we know that there are unwanted side effects of running an organization and working towards impact for beneficiaries happen. In our webinar we want to focus on one of the key negative side effects: emissions related to doing purpose-driven work. As with any other organization, non-profits are required to reflect on their emissions and reduce their emission footprint. With this webinar, we aim to create a basic understanding of emission management for non-profits and give practical tips on how you may kick-off the journey to actual carbon avoidance and reduction as a key element of sustainability management

What you will know after the webinar 

In the webinar we will provide you with the vocabulary needed to engage in effective emission management. Beyond that, we give you some insights into a recent project with a non-profit that will enable you to get some practical insights into how to approach the challenge of actual emission management within your organization. Your webinar hosts have a background in data-driven sustainability management.

“You cannot track what you cannot measure. Emission management is basically about a profound understanding of your organizational model and about collecting relevant data management. Together, we will try to narrow down how you may start / improve your emission reduction journey as a non-profit. I am looking forward to also learn about your specific questions!"

Roberto Miethe

Webinar Hosts:

  • Roberto Miethe [Senior Business Consultant, Munich]
  • n.n.