About the webinar

Many organizations have built their core communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing processes around MS Teams since functionalities from chats, posts, files and calls are integrated into one program. The webinar tackles MS Teams’ most important features and settings. It will give participants an overview of what benefits this tool can bring to their organization.

What you will know after the webinar 

After this webinar, you will feel empowered to use MS Teams as your main source of communication and collaboration. You will know how to schedule your meetings via teams, create break-out rooms in digital group meetings, manage tasks, synchronize files being jointly worked on, and create polls.

"One of the most important aspects within any organization is communication – and I mean internal communication, too. As an advocate of Microsoft Teams, I firmly believe that this tool will help you in your daily interactions by being a place where you can meet, chat, call, share files and collaborate."

Andra Pinca

Webinar host

  • Andra Pinca [Specialist, Bucharest]

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