About the webinar

OKR is short for “Objectives and Key Results”. It is seen as the best method for holistic organizational alignment. It has been widely talked about and successfully implemented by giant corporations – Google is one. This webinar sheds some light on the methodology and how it can help organizations make good decisions and keep people motivated. The OKR concept is especially appropriate to use for purpose-driven organizations that aim to tackle complex societal and environmental challenges.

What you will know after the webinar 

After this webinar, you will know the basics of the OKR methodology, including terminology and process. Also, you will be empowered to apply the methodology with your non-profit, especially if you are driving impact orientation within your organization.

“It is a great opportunity to meet with non-profits in this webinar that are interested in better understanding agile approaches for strategy implementation with OKRs. I encourage you all to bring your questions to the webinar. Interaction is key!”

Sascha Parastandeh-Cher

Webinar host

  • Sascha Parastandeh-Cher [Senior Business Advisor, Berlin]


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