About the webinar

In this webinar, we will introduce some standard creativity techniques. The goal of these techniques is to stimulate creative thinking to instill new solutions! These methods are suitable for dealing with various questions looking for answers openly, from different perspectives and yet structured as a team.

What you will know after the webinar 

Using the example of a typical question that a non-profit may encounter,

  • You will get to know exciting, target-oriented techniques and impulses that stimulate the creativity of the people involved in the process, such as brainwriting and design thinking.
  • You will be provided with specific tools on how you can apply these techniques in your everyday work.
  • You will experience creativity techniques as an enriching way of approaching new projects.

"We know from experience how useful basic methodological knowledge is to reach the goal in a structured manner. This also applies to open result processes in which one tries to develop new, creative solutions. We are sure that our insights into these methodologies can help non-profits to work on their challenges in a motivating and creative way."

Flemming Kohn, Gregor Sieben, Helen Becker, Hannah Krummeck & Laura Schäfer

Your webinar hosts

  • Helen Becker [Manager, Munich]
  • Flemming Kohn [Business Analyst, Hamburg]
  • Hannah Krummeck [Business Analyst, Frankfurt]
  • Laura Schaefer [Senior Business Consultant, Frankfurt]
  • Gregor Sieben [Business Consultant, Dusseldorf]

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