The automotive industry is currently undergoing the most significant change in its more than one-hundred-year history. We support our customers in successfully shaping change and emerging stronger from the radical changes taking place. Our automotive consulting services include the design and implementation of new business models in digital services and mobility, as well as a strong focus on the optimization of business processes in operational excellence and digital innovation.

Our customers include many of the world's leading automotive companies - OEMs, suppliers, dealer chains as well as mobility service providers.

Client Stories

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  • Implenia establishes itself as a digital leader in the Swiss construction industry

    Implenia, a global leader in the construction industry, is revolutionizing its operations with its INSPIRE project. This initiative aims to establish a comprehensive digital framework that standardizes and integrates processes. INSPIRE is a group-wide tool to advance critical digitalization efforts, including cutting-edge artificial intelligence applications.

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  • Global automotive supplier reduces inventory by 20% and unlocks potential for multiple savings

    By using BearingPoint’s Inventory Navigator, a global automotive supplier client benefits from a sustainable inventory optimization approach resulting in full cost transparency for logistics planners and material managers. This empowers them to make data-driven decisions, adapt to changing market demands, and achieve an inventory level that meets liquidity constraints and targeted service levels.

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  • Polestar positions its supply chain in China to demonstrate a sustainable industry

    The premium electric vehicle manufacturer, Polestar, needed to get a clear view of its sustainability strategy and to prioritize initiatives, while aligning them to its global strategy. By leveraging sustainability expertise and best practices, BearingPoint helped Polestar to define a strategic roadmap that enables their supply chain to increase climate neutrality, circularity, transparency, and cultural inclusion for a green future.

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  • From logistics innovation to a corporate start-up

    The BMW Group developed an innovative solution for their intra-logistics that quickly started to show potential for monetization. BearingPoint created a business model that helped build the foundation for taking the logistics innovation to market.

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