Many European banks have made progress realigning business and operating models. However only a small number sustain a strong cost income ratio:

  • Product portfolios are often too heterogeneous and complex, hindering efficient operations
  • Fragmented IT provider landscapes and overaged legacy systems 
  • Lack of focus on core businesses and competencies

We believe there is still a compelling need for bolder action.

The foundation for a growth-based strategy can only be created by:

  • Significantly streamlining product portfolio
  • Increasing operating model efficiency by implementing a technology led client service strategy 
  • Implementing a sustainability strategy

Client Stories

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  • KfW enables budget transparency to support international development projects

    KfW Development wanted to better monitor the capital allocated for development projects. To do this, the company had built a software solution but needed to test it in real-life situations before implementation. BearingPoint provided the testing for KfW’s solution for three markets while demonstrating the tool’s efficiency and capacity to mitigate risks.

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  • Global bank significantly improves customer experience during onboarding while enhancing data quality and ensuring regulatory compliance

    Redesigning the process and organizational setup for bank customer onboarding and maintenance

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  • ABACUS/Transactions platform can unlock a strategic advantage

    Achieving regulatory reporting objectives (MMSR) through agile delivery and a spirit of partnership.

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  • Achieving Santander Group’s regulatory reporting objectives with ABACUS/DaVinci

    This case study demonstrates the performance of BearingPoint’s proven ABACUS/DaVinci platform and provides an example of effective collaboration between BearingPoint and a client struggling to comply with the regulatory reporting obligations.

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