The internet of things (IoT) connects the physical with the digital world through sensors. Companies can use IoT data and artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce costs and increase revenue.

We help to connect factories, products, and people.

Smart connected factories

IoT is a key component of Industry 4.0. With connected equipment, production processes become more flexible and reduce costs, increasing overall equipment effectiveness.

Smart connected products

IoT empowers a new set of product capabilities. Connected products enable companies to create innovative data-based business models, leading to new revenues.

Smart connected people

Augmentation and IoT connect factory workers with experts worldwide, increasing labor effectiveness and worker safety.

At BearingPoint, we understand the immense potential of leveraging IoT and AI technologies to drive business success. Our expertise allows us to provide comprehensive solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing processes and systems. We improve the bottom and toplines by reducing costs and increasing revenues.

Define IoT strategy and assess IoT maturity

Determine an IoT strategy that aligns with business goals and evaluate IoT maturity to identify opportunities for improvement.

Find the best use cases to improve KPIs

Identify high-value IoT use cases by analyzing business processes and evaluating potential benefits.

Create new data-driven services

Develop new services that leverage the data generated by IoT devices. Analyze the data to identify patterns and insights to create add-ons to existing or entirely new services.

Define the IoT architecture

Design shopfloor and cloud architecture to optimize IoT performance and scalability, including defining the OT/IT interface and ensuring the cloud infrastructure supports all IoT use cases.

Industrialize and scale IoT use case

Move from proof of concept to full-scale implementation of IoT use cases. Ensure that the necessary processes, infrastructure, and capabilities are in place to support large-scale deployments.

Integrate IoT use cases end-to-end into the business processes

Integrate IoT use cases into the business processes and enterprise systems, ensuring they deliver value and drive business results.

BearingPoint’s IoT Starter Package is designed to jumpstart your IoT journey with minimal financial investment.

The IoT Starter Package reduces unplanned downtime and improves equipment effectiveness by utilizing real-time machine data and swarm intelligence to translate data into actionable insights.

The starter package extends the visibility to all production lines and equipment, including older ones that may not support current digital communication standards.

By detecting unplanned downtime, the package provides increased transparency. An interface enables easy categorization of downtimes, and a preconfigured dashboard offers equipment-specific visualizations.

The IoT Starter Package creates actionable insights and supports continuous process improvement methodologies like Kaizen and PDCA. It is an effective solution for improving equipment availability and reducing downtime costs.

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