We help media and entertainment clients leverage generative AI technologies for sustainable competitive advantages.

From content collection (through optimized indexing and archiving) to its creation and widespread distribution, use cases around generative AI are multiplying, enabling Media organizations that adeptly harness this burgeoning technology to achieve unprecedented operational efficiency gains. These gains can lead to a significant competitive advantage for the early adopters of a technology that will emerge as standard practice in the coming years.

We guide clients in developing their use of AI in contexts closely related to their core business: content enrichment, precise information retrieval and synthesis within a proprietary database, and the validation of data accuracy. We go beyond just creating prototypes: we take it a step further by integrating them directly into the processes, leveraging our in-depth understanding of the media industry.

What we do :

  • Awareness: educate your organization on generative AI with use cases and benchmark closely related to your industry
  • Use case identification: help you find the proper use case with the most business impact and to identify the most efficient technology
  • Sourcing and solution recommendation: in a rapidly evolving ecosystem, we can identify the most suitable solutions for your needs
  • Prototyping: mobilize our teams of data scientists and developers to design POCs for quick go/no-go decisions
  • Integration and architecture: scale up by integrating the most efficient solutions into your IT ecosystem
  • Operating model and change: get your processes and culture ready for generative AI

Elevate your enterprise with our guidance and embrace the future of content.

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