Control centers are rapidly transforming, and transmission and distribution system operators must keep up with the energy transition challenges. With market-leading expertise, BearingPoint supports network operators in planning, implementing, and operating modern, modular, vendor-independent, and resilient control center systems.

Current challenges for control center systems

Current control center systems can hardly keep up with the growing energy transition requirements, thus binding transmission and distribution system operators (TSOs and DSOs) to current processes and technology, limiting access to their own data, and lacking support of important new functionalities.

The vision of modular, vendor-independent control center systems is now increasingly shared in the sector, inspiring TSOs and DSOs to transform their control centers. True vendor-independent and modular control center systems are based on an interoperable platform that enables a seamless connection to self-created, custom-built, open-source, and commercial off-the-shelf products to fit the actual needs of a TSO or DSO.

Refurbishment or replacement of control center systems, one of the business's most vital and critical parts, has always been an enormous issue for TSOs and DSOs. While TSOs and DSOs formerly trusted vendors to manage and perform the comprehensive replacement when deploying their vendor-specific monolithic applications, the switch toward modular, vendor-independent control center systems now makes TSOs and DSOs responsible for managing the transformation independently.

BearingPoint's services within the control center ecosystem, NextGen, foster the development of a vendor-independent and open digital ecosystem. NextGen empowers organizations to share modules across their community and opens a traditionally stagnant and conservative market to development and innovation.

How BearingPoint drives the clients' transformation through various services

BearingPoint, along with ambitious transmission system operators, has fostered the vendor-independent and modular control center system vision since its inception. With our experience in the process and IT consultation of control centers, we guide and support clients toward new and modern control centers.

Our services include:

  • Strategy determination
  • Defining scope and MVPs for a speedy understanding of modular opportunities
  • Project ramp-up, building the internal or cross-company product organization to deliver the modular control center
  • Initiative scope and the complex venture of building or extending the control center through product and portfolio management
  • Demand management and requirements analysis to help define the desired control center
  • Enterprise architecture and technical planning to orchestrate control center development, procurement, and integration activities toward sustainable results
  • DevOps/DevSecOps and digital quality assurance to implement the control center platform and business modules (applications), delivering secure software
  • Change management to support the significant transformation of introducing new ways of thinking with the latest or extended control center
  • Managed services to operate and maintain the control center's platform as a service

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