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Do you want to improve your project management skills and help your projects run smoothly with Atlassian tools?

Learn to plan and track your project work with Jira - and document using Confluence.

Take your Jira and Confluence skills to the next level as a BearingPoint Academy trainee:

  • Using Jira as a Scrum Master: discover essential Jira features for Scrum Masters such as work planning with user stories, backlogs, scrum boards and sprints. Practice using these and other features like dashboards in training to accelerate and support your agile team.

  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing for your team with Confluence: learn to use Confluence to document knowledge and share information for your team. Link to Jira to visualize and improve your team's ongoing work with features like reports.

  • Enhance skills with Jira Advanced: deepen your skills in Jira and learn features for project creation and configuration as well as customization with screen schemes, workflows, layouts, issue types and many more settings.

Our training program is designed for individuals, teams, and companies of all sizes and industries. We offer both virtual and personalized in-house trainings tailored to your individual needs.
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Accelerate your Scrum Team as a Scrum Master in Jira
Jira & Scrum

Accelerate your Scrum Team as a Scrum Master in Jira

Within our training, you will learn all the necessary features of Jira to help you improve the work of your Scrum team. Join us in going through the phases of agile project management with Scrum in Jira, from conceptualizing user stories, backlogs, completing a sprint and analyzing work done. Using tailored dashboards, reports and filters, you can empower your Scrum team and enable new levels of collaboration with Jira.

Live practice and experience
Atlassian Training Environment

Live practice and experience

In our trainings, we invite you to join us on the BearingPoint Academy training environment for Jira. Within the trainings, you can use this system to directly test and experience all features, exercises and examples yourself. Through "learning-by-doing" in trainer-led tasks, you will acquire all the important skills - and receive direct expert feedback and tips.


I learned a lot of practical skills to apply!

Participant, Jira/Confluence Essentials 01/2023

It was a motivating training helping me to understand more inside the Software.

Participant, Jira/Confluence Essentials 09/2022

Training exceeded my expectations!

Participant, Jira/Confluence Essentials 07/2022