Design Thinking Basics - German

2023/09/18 – 2023/09/19



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Are you looking for new and innovative ways to train your teams and improve your business processes?

As a participant, you will go through the Five Design Thinking phases (Understand, Define, Ideate, Test, Build) within one training session and learn best practices and tricks for application in your everyday business.

Learn to use creative methods to understand your customers' needs and requirements and translate them into innovative solutions:

  • Encouraging creative thinking: adapt your mindset to find innovative and creative solutions to complex problems

  • Improving user-centricity: get a better understanding of your customers' needs and come up with innovative solutions using creative techniques

  • Fostering Collaboration & Cooperation: learn how to better collaborate and develop ideas faster and more effectively to achieve better results

Our training program is designed for individuals, teams, and companies of all sizes and industries. We offer both virtual and personalized in-house trainings tailored to your individual needs. Contact us!

Solve complex problems and generate innovative ideas
Methodological Basics

Solve complex problems and generate innovative ideas

Invest in your business and get you and your team ready for the future. Sign up for our Design Thinking training program today and discover the benefits of a user-centered mindset for your business. We look forward to accompanying you on your way to more innovation and success!

Complete the Design Sprint in under 16 hours
Practical Application

Complete the Design Sprint in under 16 hours

Starting from a realistic problem, you as a participant will go through a Design Sprint, which usually consists of at least five days, in less than 16 hours. As a training participant, you will learn to develop new ideas within a very short time by relying on proven practices from Design Thinking, Agile methods and Lean Startup principles.


Overall, the workshop was a great experience. Not only did I gain new skills, but I also met many inspiring people. I am confident that I can integrate what I learned into my work.

Participant, Design Thinking Basics 09/2022

I recently participated in a Design Thinking workshop and can recommend it! The workshop was very well organized and led by a competent and experienced trainer.

Participant, Design Thinking Basics 06/2022

I was impressed by the creative and dynamic approach of the workshop. We learned how to generate ideas, prototype and get feedback from other participants in a short time. This helped us to quickly find solutions to complex problems and gain new perspectives.

Participant, Design Thinking Basics 01/2023