Develop an individual leadership and goal management system with OKRs

In this two-day interactive (remote) training, we will teach you a procedure model to meet dynamic customer and market requirements with OKRs. Hands-on case studies enable you to immediately apply the methods you have learned.


The Objectives and Key Results (OKR) method focuses on setting and tracking goals in organisations and empowers you to work together more cooperatively, transparently, and flexibly.

As a participant in the OKR Masterclass, you will learn the basic principles and best practices of the OKR method and receive a sound overview of the building blocks and events of the OKR cycle. In practice-relevant cases you will have the opportunity to play through the individual events of the OKR cycle. By simulating the individual phases of the OKR cycle, you can apply your acquired knowledge directly from the perspective of an OKR coach.

In only two days, you will understand and master the whole OKR cycle and know the best practices of each building block:

  • Announce Org Priorities & Team OKR Drafting: Creation of Org OKRs | Drafting of Team OKRs
  • Alignment Workshop: Disussion | Prioritization | Resource Allocation
  • Alignment Workshop & Kick-Off: Presentation of final OKRs
  • Retrospective: Process Optimization | Collaboration Improvement  
  • Review: Result Assessment 

In this training you will learn a variety of methods and tools to successfully introduce Objectives and Key Results in your company.

at 1.590 EUR / Person 

excl. VAT

Goals of this training

  • Learn how goal setting with Objectives and Key Results works and how it is applied correctly
  • Gain an overview of the OKR Cycle’s building blocks and why holistic approach is key to OKR success
  • Get experienced in Goal Setting Workshops so you can moderate them in your company with ease
  • Comprehend the continuous improvement logic of the OKR process and its reflective components
  • Learn about the role of the OKR Coach and how OKR could be implemented in your company

As experienced OKR experts, we will bring you closer to the method of Objectives and Key Results (OKR) in a fun way by providing you with valuable insights from practice and interactive exercises in the OKR Masterclass.

Julian Drichelt, OKR Trainer | BearingPoint


Day 1 | 09:00 - 17:00 CET

  • Understand the importance of OKRs
  • Learn the basic mechanisms of the OKR-Method
  • Master the formulation of effective OKRs
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the OKR-Cycle
  • Learn how to perform Organizational- and Team Goal Setting

Day 2 | 09:00 - 17:00 CET

  • Discover how to align OKRs in your organization
  • OKR Events: Deep Dive on Retrospective and Review
  • Understand approaches and success criteria of the OKR Roll-Out Process
  • Gain an overview of the goals and tasks of an OKR Coach

Your Trainers

Julian Drichelt 

OKR-Trainer & Coach

Julian Drichelt holds a diploma in industrial engineering and has been working in management consulting since 2013. His focus is on coaching companies in agile transformation projects. Through his experience in the areas of project management and coaching, Julian relies on an interactive approach as a trainer in order to offer his training participants the greatest possible added value. 

Sascha Paranstandeh

OKR-Trainer & Coach

Sascha Parastandeh holds a degree in business administration and has over 8 years of agile professional experience from various industries. His focus is on agile transformations in banking and coaching executives. Through his experience in the implementation of OKR's, Sascha focuses on practice-oriented cases for the trainings in order to offer his training participants the most relevant insights possible.

Incredibly informative.

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Participant, OKR Masterclass 07/2022

Game-changer for me!

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Participant, OKR Masterclass 01/2023

What you need to know

  • 2024/04/25
  • 1.590€ plus VAT
  • Limited number of participants


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