SAFe® 6 DevOps Practitioner (SDP) - English

2024/10/07 – 2024/10/08



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Leading SAFe® 6 (SA) - English

2024/11/11 – 2024/11/12



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Do you want to lead your SAFe® transformation and support in scaling agile?

Unlock the full potential of SAFe® and learn how it can enable you in delivering value to your customers within BearingPoint Academy trainings. Gain a deep understanding of the SAFe® framework and how to apply it to the specific requirements of an organization with our comprehensive trainings offering.

In our BearingPoint Academy SAFe® trainings, we empower you to be a leading change agent in the Scaled Agile Framework:

  • Understanding the Dual Operating System: learn to combine the speed of innovation of Agile team networks with the stability of an organization in SAFe®. 

  • Enabling Business Agility: discover the core competencies of Business Agility and understand how to create a customer-centric system of value streams along the way.

  • Implementing Lean-Agile principles in SAFe®: learn to understand how SAFe® unifies various Lean-Agile principles and organizes agile teams at scale to collaboratively develop agile product solutions.

Our training program is designed for individuals, teams, and companies of all sizes and industries. We offer both virtual and personalized in-house trainings tailored to your individual needs.
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Experience a PI-Planning Event
Hands-on exercises

Experience a PI-Planning Event

Based on a realistic project example, you will go through a SAFe® PI Planning event within our training. Our trainers will lead you through the content and elements of the planning event so that you experience, how PI Planning organizes the work of agile teams in value streams to develop products on cadence and release them on demand.

Our SAFe®-Trainings catalogue

Our SAFe®-Trainings catalogue

BearingPoint Academy offers the SAFe® Agilist/Leading SAFe® (SA), SAFe® DevOps Practitioner (SDP), and SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE) trainings. All trainings are conducted for the current SAFe® version 6. Your participation in our trainings will prepare you for and help you achieve the SAFe® certification online exams issued by Scaled Agile Inc.


Group excercises were very good and practical. Thank you!

Participant, Leading SAFe® 04/2022

Very well organized and facilitated trainings. Content was very good and interesting, a lot of useful information in a few days only.

Participant, Leading SAFe® 02/2022

Well presented content, interactive sessions, detailed answers to all questions, great trainers!

Participant, Leading SAFe® 11/2022

Loved it!! Thank you for the great training!

Participant, Leading SAFe® 08/2022